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These ideas are provided for you to
take this project even farther
within your classroom!
Thank you to all who have submitted ideas!

Cook with Oreos...
such as oreo ice cream sandwiches.
Find recipes here!
Pat Hensley

Roll the cookie for distance. Create different inclines to achieve different results. Mark results down and compare/contrast/ and average.
Jessica Pederson

How many OREOs (c) can you put on a paper bridge before it collapses? or how many OREOs (c) does it take to weigh as much as 10 pennies?
10 nickels? 10 dimes? 10 quarters?
Michael Richards

Measuring with cookies? You can measure length, circumference, weight, and even volume (if you are creative) of non-cookies items using cookies.
Debbie Schinker

Strips of Cookies. Lay out 10 oreos on a strip of paper, mark it and cut. Lay out 5, mark it and cut. Lay out 2.....
Cut strips for students and let them measure
objects in the rooms or even distance to certain places on your campus. Have them record their results by counting in 10's, 5's, or 2's.

Jennifer Wagner

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Judi Wolf

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