Here are some ideas of activities for you to expand Charlotte's Web within your classroom. If you have additional ideas, please send them to me. You will be given full credit for any idea.

Contribute to our Charlotte's Web Voice Thread.
Share your thoughts about the book, help with character traits,
and share the adjectives you have found!

Enjoy a PowerPoint Game Show based on
Charlotte's Web
Created by Jennifer Wagner

Play Charlotte's Web at
Download necessary but its TERRIFIC!

Host a classroom birthday party for Charlotte's Web!
Create invitations, decorate cupcakes or cookies with describing words, play pin the spider on the web, and more!!

May 17th at 10am (California Time)

Click HERE for script
Listen here to Jen read script so you can practice w/ students

Great Resource from
Mrs. Hick's Classroom Website

Activity 1:
Create a chapter by chapter vocabulary listing and also use writing prompts to expand your students' understanding of this book.
Charlotte's Web Vocabulary & Writing Prompts

Activity 2:
Create an acrostic poem Wilbur style!
Activity 3:
Create piglet booklet with your younger elementary students to journal their thoughts of the book.
Activity 4:
Use the worksheet provided by ABC to work with your students on "Who Am I" character review.
Activity 5:
Download the SPIDERWEB template and have your students create their own personality web by choosing one trait they believe is a strength. Use yarn and glitter to make the web sparkle.
Activity 6:
Create an ABC listing of Charlotte's Web with either KidPix, PowerPoint/Keynote, scanned pictures with iMovie, Voice Thread, etc. (Example: A is for Avery, B is for barn, C is for Charlotte)
Click HERE to view Mrs. Taverna's Second Grade show
Activity 7:
Extend the story by creating stories about Joy, Aranea, & Nellie and their life in the barn with Wilbur.
Activity 8:
Use the Kidspiration Template to create an adjective character study on Fern, Wilbur, Templeton, and Charlotte.
Activity 9:
Create a podcast by using the Reader's Theater scripts you can find at

You can upload your podcast to
Activity 10:
Create a birth announcement for Wilbur or for Joy, Aranea, & Nellie using Print Shop or any desktop publishing program.
Activity 11:
Print out a Charlotte's Web Jigsaw puzzle for your students.
Activity 12:
Have your students journal how people reacted to reading words in Charlotte's Web. (Example: Lurvy and Mr. Zuckerman trembled) Then have your students speculate on different reactions they might have to an ordinary everyday experience becoming extraordinary.
Activity 13:
Adjective Search Worksheet. Assign differerent pages to students and have them conduct an ADJECTIVE search and write them down.
Activity 14:
Do you know the characters in Charlotte's Web? Play hangman to find out.
Activity 15:
Create a newspaper about the events in each chapter in the book. Display the newspaper articles on your bulletin board.
Download template here.
Activity 16:
Write the words "Zuckerman's Famous Pig" on your white board and let your students find as many words as they can. Worksheet provided.
And an additional worksheet created by Donna Kielty.
Activity 17:
Bloom's Levels of Learning Worksheet -- Chapter Questions
Activity 18:
Visit this site: Just One More Book to listen to a variety of book reviews. Then create your own class podcast book review of Charlotte's Web.
Activity 19:
Expand the spider information in your classroom and visit this link about Spiders. Create a powerpoint, movie, wiki, or more about your new knowledge of spiders. Use this KWL worksheet.
Activity 20:
Join a Skypecast, with other members of this project, on April 26th at 9am PST, for simultaneous reading of a book. Click HERE for the script we will read together.
Activity 21:
Fern and Avery like to swing. What are some things your students like to do? Create a graph to their answers at Create a Graph.
Activity 22:
Coordinate Math Game Activity. PDF grid, markers, instructions, and recording sheet. (created by Donna Kielty)

Activity 23:
Create an ad to invite people to visit the County Fair. Highlight the events mentioned in the book -- food, rides, contests, etc.

Activity 24:
Watch parts of the 2006 movie -- Charlotte's Web. Compare and contrast what you watched to the book -- share similarities and differences. Why do you believe they had to change parts of the book?
Activity 25:
Activity 26:
Extra Ideas
Teacher Created Materials has available a literature unit on Charlotte's Web. ISBN # 1-55734-435-3
52 ideas of how to expand Charlotte's Web within your class.
Weaving Charlotte's Web -- a literature unit