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Sample Video from 2010
Snowman Card Templates
You do not need to use these templates -- but if you wish, they are available freely for your use!
Snowman 1 -- image created by Deborah Craven (a teacher at my school)
Snowman 2 -- image created by Deborah Craven (a teacher at my school)
Shape Snowman 3 -- image created by Deborah Craven (a teacher at my school)
School Information Template - Click HERE
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Teacher Ideas
from KBurke:
I made a huge map that I traced from an overhead projecting to a wall. I hung it outside and as we received cards we would put a star on the school location and the distance it was from our school.
from RLabbe:
I was thinking of having the kids create a snowman scene on the front of the card (anything they'd like.)
I would like the inside to be divided (like a grid) and have them create a scene for each of the major holidays celebrated by any students in the classroom.
Click HERE for sample idea
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If you are a crafter, and have templates or directions for card making, please send me the information. You will receive FULL credit for your work.