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Welcome to the
Holiday Card Exchange Project

Dates of Project:
December 2 to 20, 2013


This project is now over for the 2013 year!

This project will be open to all PreK - 6th grade classes around the world.

Classrooms will be teamed with 29 other classrooms to exchange holiday cards.
You will also be sending ONE card to
Project Amigo!

Each class will be sent a link to a google document
with all names and addresses of
the classrooms in their group.

Each class needs to create
(or purchase) enough cards to
send 1 card to each class on your list.
(Teachers are responsible for all postage costs)
Find sample ideas here!

Lists will be sent to participating classrooms
by November 25th, 2013

All cards will need to be mailed to the other classrooms by the 7th of December.

Teachers are encouraged to create a map to show where the cards come from. Google Earth and Google Maps are both very easy programs to use to create maps. You also could make a bulletin board map as well.
Please send Jen a picture of your map
after this project. Thank you!!

Since this is a holiday card project, it will be possible to receive all kinds of holiday cards (of differing beliefs and customs). If a school has certain "restrictions"; the teacher needs to be the filter of these cards.