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Creative Commons License
Holiday Card Exchange 2012 by Jennifer Wagner is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



Registration Clarification.........

Please read carefully.

The Holiday Card Project dates are November 28 to December 21, 2012

Each participating classroom will be paired up with TWENTY-NINE other classrooms.  

You will be sending ONE card to each classroom on your list. (this will total 29 cards)
Please remember to fill out the provided TEMPLATE that will accompany each card.

You will also be sending ONE card to a suggested charity or children's hospital. This list will be provided with registration confirmation.
(29 cards + 1 more = 30 cards total)

There is no registration fee to join this project….HOWEVER, each classroom is responsible for their own postage.  IF you send oversized cards OR heavy cards, please adjust postage accordingly.

Though you will be sending cards by mail – feel free to contact other schools on your list via EMAIL as well to share information, photos, skype, and more!

This project has proven itself to be rewarding for your classroom but it does require time in preparing the cards, addressing the cards, etc.   I would love to have you involved AND I know that this is a very busy time of, please seriously consider the commitment before you join.

If, after registering, you do realize you will be unable to participate – please let me know ASAP.   Please do not just “drop out” ….. there will be a waiting list and if necessary, I will be able to fill your spot.

On or before November 23rd you will be placed in a group.   That group listing will be mailed to you in an excel document.  Feel free to create labels if you wish – however, learning to address envelopes is part of many of our curriculums….so this is a good opportunity to work with your students on this skill.

By December 10th your cards need to be in the mail.   If you wish to email your group letting them know your cards are on their way – that is up to you!!

Once you have received your listing – your main contacts will be your team.   If you notice an address wrong or anything else you wish to add – please do NOT contact me individually….please email your group.

Finally – before you register – IF YOUR EMAIL bounces, you will NOT be placed in a group.   I do a lot of BCC (blind copy emails) and some schools block those – so if you know your school has a stern email policy, please consider using a personal email for this project.   And please please PLEASE check and double check your email address for accuracy.

I do look forward to you being a part of this project. 
Thank you for joining in this Holiday Fun!



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