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DATE: Anytime between
September 17 to October 12, 2012
LOCATION: Your Classroom

Please feel free to utilize any of these ideas
to help your classroom enjoy the
celebratiaon of the
100th birthday of the Oreo® cookie!

Official Birthday: March 6th
Read more here!

  • Bake a cake or cupcakes!
  • Invite 100 people to simultaneously
    DUNK an Oreo ® cookie into their glass of milk!
  • Line up 100 mini Oreo® and measure the distance!
  • Video tape your students sharing the
    TimeLine of the Oreo® cookie
  • Make a birthday music video (written and composed by your students)
  • Play Oreo® , Oreo® , DUNK -- All the students sit in a  circle facing the center. Then one child walks around the outside of the circle and taps each child on the head (gently) and says "oreo".   This continues on until the child touches someone and says "dunk".  Then the child who was called dunks jumps up and tries to tag the one who called them dunk before they can run all the way around the circle back to the open spot they left when they got up. 
  • Cookie Race --Have everyone line up with an oreo on a tongue depresser.  Then start the race and the first to cross the finish line without dropping the Oreo® is the winner. 
  • Hot Cookie -- Everyone sits in a circle and passes the cookie from one person to the next. Someone calls time or stops the music and the person left holding the cookie is out. Continue until there is only one person left.
  • Pin the Frosting & the Cookie -- Use this template for game. print out 2 oreo cookies, 1 froosting
    Put students in teams of 2. Have one of the "cookies' already placed on the board.
    Give one member of the team the WHITE frosting and one member of the team the other cookie part.
    Blindfold the FROSTING student first, turn student a few times, and then student tries to get the frosting as close as possible on the cookie. The blindfold the COOKIE student next, turn student a few times, and then student tries to get the cookie onto the frosting.
  • Create an advertisement of the Oreo® cookie -- look at past advertisements here!



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