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During the summer, I presented the O.R.E.O. project at the Day Of Discovery in San Diego and one of the participants came and spoke with me about the oreo cookie -- and in our discussion, he mentioned something about palm oil....and the conversation moved on.

Several days later, on Wednesday, at the ISTE conference in San Diego, one of the keynote speakers, also spoke about Palm Oil.

And I started to pay attention.

After reading the ingredients of a OREO cookie, you can see that Palm Oil is only a very very small part of the cookie but even small parts can make BIG differences.

Please Review this information about Palm Oil.

Then look at the lesson plan for ideas to use with your students to talk about deforestation.... and palm oil:

Also, save this Teachers Guide provided by Microsoft and Taking It Global.

If you wish to speak up about the use of Palm Oil in the oreo cookie, click HERE for a sample letter you might wish to use.


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