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"That's The Way The Cookie Tumbles"

This Online Project began on September 15, 2002 and concluded on October 31, 2002. This project was sponsored by Jenuinetech.com in Corona, California.

This years project had over 326 schools and classes participating in this yearly online project!! From the results received, we stacked over 118,564 oreos with over 12,000 students working together as teams to stack oreos!! We had stackers in 44 states of the US, plus stackers in Canada, Africa, Republic of China, Australia, and South America!!

Each year, oreos are used in a fun yet educational way to teach measurement, teamwork, technology skills, cause and effect, and more! Consider joining us in Fall of 2003 for "Is Double Stuf Really Worth The Stuf?"

This project is now over
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