It is great fun for me to hear how others are enjoying this project. Plus, I always enjoying hearing ways of how teachers have incorporated this project into their daily schedule!

Stride Avenue Community School, Canada

Good project and high enthusiasm from students. I focused on the "Scientific Method" aspect of the project. I will include a write up on my Teacher's Web Site, and will write a paragraph to include in the school newsletter. THANKS!
Mt. Paran Christian School, Georgia
Yes, we did enjoy the project. It was really neat to see how the students were so dedicated to starting over to make their stack as high as they could. There was a lot of "processing" going on. :)
Urbita Elementary, California
It was great! My principal came in as we were doing the activity and loved it!
Liberty Elementary, Georgia

The kids absolutely loved this activity. I wish that you could see their faces when their tower fell. It was a great lesson about cooperation, team work, etc.

Tanglewood Elementary, North Carolina

We really enjoyed this project. Maybe next year you can compare results using the various types of Oreos.

Jen's Note: I am already planning next years Oreo Project "Is Double Stuf really Worth the Stuf??"

Rincon Elementary, Georgia

The kids had a great time. They held their breath as the stack got higher and higher. They learned to wait patiently for their turn, and squealed with delight when the cookies finally tumbled over.

Kelvin Grove, Illinois

The students were thrilled with the project. I had them predict the height and number of cookies in the stack. They found that they came very close to their predictions. At first, I just had one person measuring a stack at a time, but as we went along, I had two measure at a time to confirm their measurements. It was a very enjoyable activty and easy to organize. Thank you so much for the idea

Nevils Elementary, Georgia

The children said they had a "good time doing it." They were very excited, but still worked well together. They helped each other and took turns "building the towers" without any problems. They also enjoyed eating the Oreos afterwards. The project was wonderful because of how much we were able to do-there was no limit to the study possibilities.

Eisenhower Academy, Illinois
We got to eat the towers when we were done! Sometimes if the cookies were broken, they wouldn't stay balanced and would fall. We learned that you cannot hold it up with the meter stick - you have to let it fall if it wants to. It's easier to work with a group than by yourself. In order for your group to agree, you need to work together.
Christ The King, Indiana
Our class had a great time with the project. Each group had their special stacking techniques by the third try. We discussed our results as a class and even tried stacking the cookies one more time just for fun with several members from each group. The comments were great! I took a picture of one group and the student stacking said, "Hey, you broke my concentration!" It was great to see everyone working together trying stack the cookies. By the third try, the students would really give each cookie the once over before using it as part of the stack. We had a wonderful time with the stacking part of the project and plan on having one Oreo Cookie project for the next several weeks.
Stockbridge Plain School, Massachusetts
The class LOVED this project! It was interesting to see some of the strategies being used. Some groups were dividing up the amount of cookies they were given into smaller groups, stacking them, and then putting them together for a tall stack, other groups just went one cookie at a time. It is definitely an activity I would do again next year. I also had each group agree on an estimate of how many cookies they thought they might be able to stack before beginning the project.