Each participating class will need a minimum of 2 bags of Nabisco's Oreo Chocolate and Creme Sandwich Cookie (16 oz - approx $3.49 per bag - NOT NOT NOT DOUBLE STUF!)

Class needs to be divided into 4 groups of students.

Each group will stack Oreos (taking turns) one at a time until the stack tumbles.

Groups will keep records as they stack the oreos on both measurement and amount of oreos used. Photos are also encouraged. (However, please follow your school policies regarding photos being displayed on the internet when sending me photos)

Each group may stack oreos 3 times and will inform the teacher of their HIGHEST NUMBER of Oreos stacked! (the measurement of stacks is just an added activity for your use if you wish)

Oreos need to be stacked as a single tower; one on top of the next. No pryamids or any other configurations will be counted. (however if you wish to try this as an added activity, please feel free to do so)

Teacher will submit the online form (or send email) with the highest count for each group.

Data will be posted on website displaying an overall average of all oreos stacked (per group)!

Crossroads Christian School's highest oreo count was 32. A regular bag of Oreos has about 51 cookies -- so 1/2 a bag should be sufficient for 1 group. However, if you need more, your groups could share or you might need to buy an extra bag.


  • DoubleStuf Oreos may NOT be used.
  • You may NOT use chocolate creme, orange creme, or any other creme filling! (This is to keep all measurements consistent using the original cookie size only) Thank You!!
  • Oreos may not be manipulated in ANY way. In other words -- you may not smooth them to make them stack better. You may not use glue or any other substance to make them stick together. How the oreo comes out of the bag is how the oreo is to be used. Any broken oreos may be discarded or eaten. <g>
  • You are only allowed 3 chances to stack!!! NO MORE than 3 attempts per group!!


This is a FUN way to teach your students math, measurement, working as a team and more! But more than that, this is a chance to teach your students good sportsmanship!! Any data received that seems suspicious will NOT be recorded. There are NO prizes for participating in this project so please do not let your competitive spirit diminish your integrity. Thank you!