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Special thanks to Kim Humphries of Cincinnati Christian in Ohio for helping find lesson plans to extend this online project!!


  • Grade Level: 2nd - 4th
  • Materials: Balance Scale, Bag of Oreos, Different items to measure

Directions: First, set up a balance scale with hanger and plastic bags. Students should be in groups of 3 - 4. Each student chooses an object in the room for which other players will estimate the mass. The other players will write down the number of oreos they think equals the mass of the object chosen. They may pick up the object and examine it to help estimate. The person whose object it is measures the mass using oreos and the balance scale. The player with the closest estimate picks the next object.


How long is .........

Materials: oreos, ruler, measuring tape, map

  • How many oreos equal one foot? _________
  • How many feet in one mile? ________
  • How many oreos in one mile? ________
  • How tall is your teacher? ________
  • How many oreos high is your teacher? _________
  • How tall is your school? _________
  • How many oreos high is your school? _______
  • How tall is the Laker Player Shaq? _________
  • How many oreos high is Shaq? ______

Lesson idea adapted from:

Venn Diagrams --
Using the Book -- The Oreo Cookie Counting Book

Bring in Oreo cookies to accompany the book. Write the following questions on chart paper and record the children's responses:

  • How many Oreos are in a package?
  • Are there enough cookies in a package for all of the children? Now ask them to count the cookies inside the package.
  • How many cookies will be left or how many more cookies will they need? Provide everyone with two cookies and a napkin.
  • Now how many Oreo halves do you each have? Ask everyone to twist open his or her cookies.
  • How many halves do they have in all? Invite the children to eat one whole cookie.
  • How many halves are left?
  • How many whole cookies are left