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Welcome to
Picture It! 2015

Project Dates:
April 6 to May 15, 2015


Main Idea
Classrooms will be working with 23 other classrooms to complete 1 collaborative piece of art.

This year's theme is QUILTS.
Each section needs to be 7" x 7" on white paper.
There is no set template for this year's project.

1. Each classroom a listing of the 23 classrooms they will be sharing quilt pieces with.

2. Guided by the teacher, each student will color QUILT PIECE on a 7" x 7" piece of paper. (please use CRAYONS!).
The final collection of artwork will be perfect for a bulletin board!
In the last 3 years, we have used a set-template (Van Gogh, Monet, Mondrian) but this year we will
be allowing each classroom to design their own class quilt pattern or individual student quilt pattern if the teacher so wishes.) Please check the resource page if you need quilt pattern ideas.

3. From a provided list, the teacher will mail out 23 completed quilt sections of art to every classroom on your list (one quilt section to each classroom on your list!)

You will keep 1 section for your class quilt.
(Teachers are responsible for all postage costs)

4. The class will also include a completed template to share a bit about their classroom.

5. Each classroom will receive quilt sections from the other classrooms on the list.

6. Once the "quilt sections" have been received, the classroom will piece the parts together to create ONE collaborative quilt.

When pieced together -- your final artwork will measure: 42" wide x 28" tall

7. Teachers & class are encouraged to use any or all resource ideas.

You also might wish to take pictures throughout the project and add them to your own wiki, blog, website, etc!!

8. If you wish to collaborate with another class -- you will be able to indicate that when you register.

9. Your quilt sections need to be mailed to the other participating
classrooms BY May 12, 2015.

10. If you have read all the instructions -- AND you are ready to join this project -- please click below!

(click here to register)

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