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The main purpose of this project will be to provide teachers & students the opportunity to share their "WEATHER" conditions with other classrooms around the world.

We will be using the "KID'S JOURNAL" app as our main data collector. However, if you do not have the Kid's Journal app - you can use the powerpoint template, the pdf template, or images you can use for your interactive board.

Click HERE for instructions for
using APP to upload to Edmodo!

You are also invited to extend this project by
using some of the activity ideas or by skyping with
other participating classrooms.

There is NO FEE to join this project.
Purchasing the app is entirely up to you!
Projects By Jen is not associated with Kids Journal
nor do I receive any financial kickback from you purchasing
this app.

Steps for this project:

1. Talk with your students about the weather your city is experiencing today. Have your students make observations about what they have seen or felt.

2. By using the Kid's Journal App, the Power Point file, PDF, or the Smart Board Images......add in clipart and words to explain your observations.

3. Save this file.
Repeat daily (or several times) between now and the end of March 2013.

4. Send the file to Jennifer every Friday -- once a month -- or at the end of March.

5. Visit the project gallery during January, February, & March to compare your weather with those from posted temperatures from participating classrooms.

6. Contact other participating classrooms and invite them to share their temperatures with you throughout the year. (Skype, Twitter, etc)


This project is now over!
Thank you to all who participated!

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