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This project is now over
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Baby mallards take 28 days to incubate.
Cut out a picture of a baby duck and put it on your calendar on April 30th --which is close to the due date.
Then have your class vote to see if they think the first duckling will hatch before or after this date.
Create a minigraph with baby ducks to show the voting results!

How close were you to that date!!


United Streaming has "Make Way For Ducklings" available online for your kids to watch -- AND AND AND -- its a free 30 day trial. Just enough time for this project!!! You will need to sign in -- and then do a seach on DUCKLINGS to find the book. Thank you to Robin Blackburn for pointing this site out to me!! Wooo Hooo!!!

Pictures of Treausry and Tidal Basin
Please click HERE to see shots of the Treasury Department (click on the North view and its the building right above the orange building) and then visit the South view to see the Tidal Basin!

Oriental Trading Company has some really cute patriotic ducks!!
Thanks to Marian Sefcik for this information!!!

Check these items out at

Make Way For Ducklings -- Book
Make Way For Ducklings - DVD
Little Duck Tale -- charming VHS about a duck family in Japan -- thanks Barbara Riccairdo!!

Check out these websites with great ideas!

Mint Hollow Farm -- Activities in diferent subjects! (also check out the rest of the site!! FANTASTIC (thanks to Gail Lovely for suggesting this link!!)
Westmoor Duck-umentary -- Duck Unit (thanks to Gail Lovely for suggesting this link!!)
Duck Unit -- Kecia Blyth (thanks to Gail Lovely for suggesting this link!!)
All About Ducks -- simply written with worksheets, clipart, and more!!
Geography Lesson - by Patricia King Robeson
Department of Treasury For Kids
Make Way For Ducklings Quiz -- Family Education
Before and After Questions  - Make Way For Ducklings
Duck Theme - From First School
The Diary of a Duckling -- Timeline of the growth of a duck after hatching!! (thanks to Gail Lovely for suggesting this link!!)
Old MacDonald's Farm -- The Virtual Vine
Teacher Views
Map of "Make Way For Ducklings" -
Lesson Plans --
Ducks of the World -- good information here!

Address & Phone # of the US Treasury

Main Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20220

General Information: (202) 622-2000