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This project is now over
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You will need 24 plastic eggs!
For 12 of the eggs, write paper strips with choices like --- TR, BL, ST, CL, SN, etc
In 12 of the eggs, write paper strips such as ACK, AP, EP, AMP, etc.

Have your student's pick eggs to make words. Have them start a word list to see how many word they can make before the ducklings hatch.

Change the eggs each Monday with new choices.


Have you ever had a book come to life??

Well, that is what happened in Washington, DC. A mother mallard duck chose to lay her eggs right in front of the treasury department!! It has caused such excitement that the Secret Service of DC guarded the egg and also provided nourishment to the mama duck.

She laid 9 eggs which hatched around the first of May. (Actually, we found out after the hatchings that she had laid 11 eggs and not 9)
If you would like more information, please visit our Links to News page.

Classes who participated in this project learned more about Mallards and also used the book "Make Way For Ducklings" by Robert McCloskey to tie this project all together.

This was a very exciting project and we are feeling just great that all the ducklings hatched and are now swimming with their mama at Rock Creek Park!!

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