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This project is now over
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The FIRST Baby Duckling !!
Started pipping about 8am and was seen at 3pm! EST


This was scanned from a local newspaper by Marian Sefcik. They are all there but the last one -- I call him "Tumbles" -- who was a bit behind.

Vicki Stinnett of Koality Kare in Maryland visited the ducks on Tuesday, April 19th, and sent us these pictures. Thank you!!!

This is a picture of the duck sculture in the Boston Public Garden, in Boston. Click on the image for a link to the website.

This is a picture of the mallard duck in Washington, DC. Please click on the image for a link to the website.

(Photo: CBS/The Early Show)
Visit the (Science and Nature) for some great mallard images. The baby ducklings are fantastic!!
Bev Sirious' class in Maine made a very cute duck bulletin on the image to visit Bev's class page!
A student from St. Mary's/St. Alphonsus School in New York visited the duck over his spring break. Included is a great picture of the treasury department with the statue of Alexander Hamilton!!! Thanks for these pictures!!