Please read these directions carefully before you register. Once you have registered, you have joined the project and other classrooms will be depending on your participation. If at anytime, you realize you cannot participate, please let me know immediately so that I can replace you with an alternate.
Thank you.

~~Registration is now CLOSED for this project~~

1. Your classroom will be placed in a team of 22 other classrooms from a variety of locations and grades.

2. Your classroom will also be placed with 3 organizations (such as Children's Hospital, St. Jude's, Veteran's Hospital) etc.

3. You and your classroom will need to create 25 cards to send ONE to each member of your group. (You can purchase cards but homemade ones are so much nicer. Though this project overlaps with Feb. 14th......your cards DO NOT have to be Valentine Cards -- you are welcome to be as creative as you wish!)

4. You will need to create a document (brochure, letter, etc.) to place in each card. This information needs to include information about your classroom, your school, your city, and your location (state/country). This should not be teacher created. Please allow your students to contribute.

5. You are encouraged to create return address labels for your classroom.

6. Group listings will be mailed on on January 26, 2007. They will be sent in PDF format. If you don't have adober reader, please click HERE!

7. You and your students will need to address each card from the address list provided.

8. Please double check inside each card to verify that the card has been signed, and has your school name, grade, and location. (Some classrooms allow the entire class to sign cards, some classrooms have individual students sign cards. That is fine. However, the teacher name, school, grade, and location need to be on each card somewhere.)

9. All cards must be mailed out by February 7, 2007 to ensure delivery during the week of February 12 - 16, 2007.

10. Once you receive a card, classrooms are encouraged to create a display of the cards. You are also encouraged to map the cards. (older students might wish to use google maps)

11. Once you have received a card, please check them off your listing. If you like, you are also encouraged to send an email letting them know that the card arrived. (However, this is a suggestion onlly!!)

The 3 cards you are sending to organizations will probably NOT respond. This is a good opporunity to share with your students about anonymous giving and also the joy that one feels when receiving mail.

12. Please visit our bulletin board during February 12 - 16th to share class comments, card photos, etc.

13. If you wish to create a website to display your part of the project, please mail me the link when it is ready to be displayed.

14. Please visit our update page OFTEN for new project news.

15. If at any time during the project, you have questions, comments, or concerns....please contact me right

Registration is now closed for this project.


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