Welcome to the Happy Birthday
Green Eggs and Ham Project!!

This project was open to all PreK - 6th grade classrooms worldwide. The project dates wer April 5 to 30th, 2010.

This project offered teachers 3 activities to share with their students.

The first activity invited you to connect with one or more classes via skype and read parts of "Green Eggs and Ham" together. They also created a wall-wisher to add your student's thoughts and reflections!

The second activity invited you and your students to illustrate your own "Green Eggs and Ham" book. They were free to use the original book as a guideline or create your own rendition. Then, by using Voice Thread or smile box, teachers uploaded their images/story and shared them with other participants!

The third activity invited you and your students to host a "Green Eggs and Ham" birthday party. Students dressed up as their favorite Seuss character, dined on green eggs and ham, and created a bulletin board/webpage/blog/ etc to share your day!!,

Worhsheets, Lesson Ideas, and Links were provided for all the activities.


Registration is now closed for this project.



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