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Registration is now closed.

You will be placed with a group of 24 other classes of varying grades and locations.

You and your class will need to mail out 24 cards (one card per school) to the other schools (within your group) by December 7, 2009.

You are responsible for all postage costs.
Please do not send cards that exceed the
cost of 1 postage stamp per card.

It is possible that you will be receiving cards of different holiday events, customs, and beliefs. If you know your school might have some "stated restrictions", you, the teacher, will need to act as the card filter.

When you register, you will be taken google form. Once you hit submit, you will be provided with a link to return you to the Holiday Card Project.

All registration information is for this project only and will never be sold or dispersed.

If your email bounces your name WILL NOT be added
to this project. If you do not receive a WELCOME
email within 24 hours, please contact Jen.

Jennifer will do her best to place a variety
of states/locations within each group. However,
since the groups will be determined by
registration -- she cannot make any promises.
NOR can she guarantee every teacher a place
in this project.
But she will do her best to accomodate as
many as possible.

All participating classrooms will receive a
certificate of participation that will
be sent out by December 7, 2009!