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This project is now over
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Welcome to the O.R.E.O. Project!
(Our Really Exciting Online Project)

This project is now over!
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(please visit ProjectsByJen
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There was NO hypothesis this year.
Main Objective: Collect and share data!

Teachers followed these guidelines:

Each participating class used 1 bag of Nabisco's Oreo® Chocolate and Creme Sandwich Cookie AND 1 box of Nabisco's Mini Oreo® Chocolate and Creme.

Once you begin the class tallies, you will need 2 baggies or plates, per group, to hold their Oreos®. Each group will also need a pencil to write down results.

Teachers explained to their students that this was a project with schools all over the world and also explained what information this project was attempting to collect.

Students speculated on how many "regular Oreos®" placed side to side would measure out 12 inches.. Then the students speculated on how many "mini Oreos®" would measure out the same distance (12 inches). They wrote these findings on your black/white/smart board.

Now, using the Oreos® they conducted the experiment and saw if their speculations were correct or incorrect. The students wrote this information down as well.

Once your class performed the first experiment -- they discussed the different amount of Oreos® used for the regular Oreo® and the mini Oreo®.

The class then divided into teams and gave each team the blank Oreo® count sheet. They chose 5 different items in your classroom and measured their items with both regular and mini Oreos®.

Once all teams had measured at least 5 items -- they discussed their findings!! They then voted on which 5 items they would like posted to the blog to represent their entire class findings!

Students were also invited to participate in the
Using ONLY Oreos® and the creme filling, students created unique sculptures (such as trains, houses, etc).

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