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Oreo® Trivia


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Welcome to the O.R.E.O. Project!
(Our Really Exciting Online Project)

This year's project invited classrooms to have each student stack oreo® cookies as high as he or she can and then average all their individual results to achieve a final Class result.

They measured the COUNT of cookies used to stack -- NOT height of stack.

Each participating class needed at least 1 bag of Nabisco's Oreo® Chocolate and Creme Sandwich Cookies.

Students saw how many oreos they were able to stack before the oreos® tumble.

Students were encouraged to speculate how many oreos® they thought they would be able to stack and then compare their results.

Students were NOT to use anything to stablize the cookie and they were NOT able to adjust cookies as they stacked. (i.e....once they have placed the cookie and their hand has left the cookie, they may NOT adjust that cookie again.)

Each student had TWO attempts to stack oreos® and recorded the highest amount they were able to stack before tumbling.

Teachers needed to explain to their students that this is a project with schools all over the world and also explain what information this project is attempting to collect. They also needed to discuss that at the end of the project, all results will be averaged!

Once the entire class had stacked their oreos®, they will average all their results to turn in ONE class amount.

A wiki (an online journal) was be available for all teachers to use to share their ideas, worksheets, art ideas, suggestions, and more.

Students were also invited to participate in the
Using ONLY Oreos® and the creme filling, students created unique sculptures (such as trains, houses, etc).

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