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Activity One: Pass The Pumpkin
1. In a large plastic pumpkin, place one crayon per child. Use a variety of colors.
2. Children sit in a circle and pass the pumpkin while music plays.
3. When the music stops, the child holding the pumpkin chooses a crayon and names the color.
4. Continue until all have had a turn.
Activity Two: KWL Chart
1. Talk with your class about pumpkin facts.
2. Distribute KWL worksheet.
3. Use the internet or books to increase pumpkin information.
4. Have students complete KWL worksheet.
5. Discuss what they have learned.
Activity Three: Pumpkin Observation
1. Have your students study the pumpkin and discuss what they see.
2. Distribute Pumpkin Worksheet
3. Have a balancing scale (or scale) available for students to compare other items that equal the weight of the pumpkin.
4. Collect worksheets and discuss findings.
Activity Four: Magnetic Letters
1. Print out pumpkin letter worksheet, cut out provided pumpkins, and attach a magnet to each letter.
2. Read the book Pumpkin,Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington
3. Show students the magnetic pumpkins and the ump card.
4. Have them read _UMP and that they are going to try to make some ump words
5. Let students come up one at a time and try to use a letter to make a word
More Advanced -- Words from Pumpkin Seeds
1. Print out Pumpkin Seed Worksheet
2. Cut out pumpkin letters
3. Allow students to create words with the letters from pumpkin seeds
4. Write down words on provided worksheet
5. Tally words
Thanks to Lanise Jacoby for this idea!
Activity Five: Create a Pumpkin Patch
1. Have students paint brown paper bags with orange paint. Provide a variety of sizes for them to choose from (lunch and grocery store sizes).
2. Provide students with pre cut squares, circles and triangles to choose from for eyes, noses, and mouths
3. Stuff paper bags with newspaper and close them with green pipe cleaners.
4. Twist the end of the pipe cleaners to create vines.
5. Display your pumpkins in the classroom
Activity Six: 5 Little Pumpkins MiniBook
1. Click HERE for a printable minibook to use within your classroom.
Activity Seven: Bulletin Board
1. Click HERE for printable lined pumpkin.
2. Use the story starter......One day I planted a pumpkin seed in my garden and ........
3. Have students write out their stories.
4. Place pumpkins on bulletin board for viewing.
Activity Eight: Find the Pumpkin
1. Visit the 101 Things To Do With A Pumpkin site

2. Print out the pumpkins
You will need 20 pumpkins worth 5 points, 10 pumpkins worth 10 points and 5 pumpkins worth 15 points. Color the pumpkins and cut them out. Hide the pumpkins before your class arrives. Do not start the game until all your guests have arrived. Let everyone know what areas are off-limits. Have students add up their points at the end of the game. Candy Corn makes a great prize.

Check out the entire 101 Things site for other good ideas.

Activity Nine: Pumpkin Seed Mosaic
* Pumpkin Seeds (clean)
* Tempera paint (dark colors)
* Paint brush
* Shallow container
* Thick paper (poster board)
* Glue
* Pencils
* Wax paper or newspaper
Click HERE for full directions.
Activity Ten: Grow A Pumpkin
1. Visit the Pumpkin Circle Store.
2. Find out how to receive a packet of pumpkin seeds and lesson guides for your classroom.

Have each student plant a pumpkin seed in a ziploc bag with a little dirt and cotton balls dipped in water. Zip the bags tight, hang them up somewhere and they require no further maintenance. You will see the seeds open and the roots grow down and the sprout grow up. Send the plants home shortly after they sprout for replanting.

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