The Places We Will Go Project
was hosted between April 13 - May 8, 2009
This project is NOW over.


Google Earth (
Google Earth Directions
Worksheet for Locations
Worldmap worksheet
Main Objective

Students will use google earth to locate a variety of well-known landmarks around the world and calculate distance from their school to the location of each landmark.

IF YOU DO NOT have google earth, you are welcome to use Google Maps, Map Quest, or wall or worksheet map to calculate your distances.



1. Download the KMZ file which has all the landmarks we will use with this project -- either to all computers or one computer. (this is up to teacher)
2. Open the KMZ file (this will launch Google Earth)
3. Type in your SCHOOL ADDRESS in the Search area, click ENTER, and fly into your school location.
4. Create a placemark to mark the location of your school.
5. Use the ruler tool (see tutorial) and find the distances to each of the landmarks. (Record this information on the location handout.)
6. As a class, choose 4 other locations you wish to measure. Find the distances to each.
7. Visit the "google submission form" and share your data with other participants
8. Join the NING and share your classroom's participation with this project.
9. Create a Wiki, Website, or Blog to share about your classroom's participation.
10. Take pictures and upload them to a photoshare program such as Flickr or Bubbleshare. (tag with TPWWG2009)


Registration is now CLOSED for this project!
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