Registration is closed for 2004/2005 school year! Registration for 2005/2006 school year will begin in August of 2005!

You are more than welcome to use ANY of the worksheets, journal ideas, and daily questions
to host this project within your own classroom.

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This is a ONE YEAR traveling buddy project which will last from September 6, 2004 to June 1, 2005 celebrating
the 200th Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Exploration.

Schools from all over the USA and Canada are welcome to join. Your school will host a backpack for 1 week. During the week your class will participate in a variety of activities, keep a class & individual journals, and gain a large amount of knowledge about Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery. Please click HERE for information about the backpack's contents.

There will be different levels of worksheets. Worksheets will consist of coloring pages, crosswords, fill in the blanks, discussion questions, and quizzes.

Just as Lewis and Clark presented gifts to people they met, you too will pass on a "small" gift to the next school you mail the project too. We do not expect this gift to be of any great monetary value but instead something to represent your school (such as a bumpersticker, letter from your class, a piece of artwork you created during the project, etc etc.)

Each day of the project will have a different theme:
Day One: Getting to Know Lewis and Clark & Why They Choose to Explore New Territory
Day Two: Mapping Out Your School
Day Three: Meeting New People, Sacagawea, & Seaman
Day Four: Becoming A Naturalist
Day Five: The Corps of Discovery and Supplies or Indians on the Trail (you choose)

DATES OF PROJECT -- Please notice that we are giving every class one week of backpack time and providing ONE WEEK leeway of travel time. You will be provided with a label to mail your package to the next school (you pay for postage) and we ask that you don't keep your package longer than one full week. Thank you!!

Free Calendar from 

September 13th (first host of project)
September 27th
October 11th
October 25th
November 8th
November 22nd (extra time due to holidays)
December 13th (extra time due to holidays)
January 10th
January 24th
February 14th
February 28th
March 14th
March 28th
April 11th
April 25th
May 9th
May 23rd (last host of project)

If you have any questions, please email Jennifer right away.
Thank you!!