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This project is a 3-Day PROJECT
Project Dates are
March 15 - 19, 2010

Each participating class will need to have
*1 box (per class) of General Mill's Lucky Charms.
*1 Class tally sheet for teacher to post results
* Paper towels or some item to sort shapes on
* Baggies (or plastic bags) to store Lucky Charms if you are pre bagging them (1 to 2 scoops each) for your students

As a GROUP -- we will be trying to prove that there are more GREEN CLOVERS (you might call them hats) than any other shape. As a classroom -- you might wish to create your own hypothesis to prove as well.

1. The Teacher will need to register ONLINE for this project.

2. The Teacher will distribute Lucky Charms to their class. You are welcome to do this by separating into baggies, create a center area, or any other way you see will work within your classroom.

3. Each student will divide their Lucky Charms into the following marshmallow shapes:

Pots of Gold
Shooting Stars

Click HERE for a picture of the shapes.
**We are NOT counting the oat shapes!!**
Also, if you have any other speciality shapes,
they will be classified as OTHER on the
final results page.

Also, we will be calling the green shape a
CLOVER on the tally sheets!

4. Students will count each marshmallow shape and write down their final tally count for that shape! Students should also create a graph to represent their count as well.

5. Students will add their individual count of each shape to a CLASS COUNT.

6. The class will create a final Class Count for their Lucky Charms. The class should also create a graph to represent their Class Count.

7. The teacher will visit the RESULT page to submit the Class results on with the total CLASS count of each shape between March 15 and March 20, 2010.
(If your school is on break during this time, please contact Jennifer for an alternate submission plan.)

8. Final Results will be posted on Sunday, March 21, 2010 (at 9pm) and the website will have an excel document with FINAL results for you to share with your students.

9. Each participating class that posts results will have their name added to the participant page and will receive a certificate of participation for their involvement!

10. Additional activity ideas and worksheets are
provided for teachers to expand this project for the entire week.

You are welcome to join the Projects By Jen Ning. Membership in this ning (online community) is not mandatory. However, there is a group called St. Patrick's 2010 where participants from this project are free to ask questions, share ideas, and more! Click HERE to join!

Registration for this project
is now CLOSED.


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