1.Visit the AVKids website and request copies of their Activity Guide. Choose the PDF format to receive your information immediately!!
BE SURE to download ALL the files! They are a great resource!!
2. The South Australian Science Teachers Association has put together an awesome listing of lesons plans!! It's a keeper of a site!!
3. Though we have a specific design, check out Alex's Paper Airplane site for many other different airplane templates!!
4. has many good books on the Wright Bros. Be sure to check out "The Wright Bros for Kids" book with over 21 activities!! Cost is $10.47.
5.If there is one site you need to bookmark -- this is it! Please take the time to visit the Wright Again website for many GOOD teacher resources!!
6. This site was created by 2nd graders (and their teacher of course) at Pocantico Hills School in New York. Excellent site -- and be sure to take the Wright Bros quiz!!
7. If you wish to have your students create a model of "THE WRIGHT FLYER", visit a site with a template created by Robert Quackenbush that was in Parent's Magaszine in 1976.
8. Time Magazine has a very good biography on Orville and Wilbur Wright!
9. A wonderful timeline of the Wright Bros flight history can be found at the U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission!
10. You will need to use JAVA for this site. NASA has created an ONLINE SIMULATION of the Wright Bros. plane. The simulation can be downloaded to your lab computers so they can learn on or off line!!
1. Take the data from the US Centennial of Flight Commission and have your students create their own spreadsheet in Excel!!

2. Have your students figure out how many years were between the Wright Bros flight and other famous inventions. Such as:
1. Telephone -- 1876
2. Vulcanized Rubber -- 1844
3. Pencil -- 1565
Visit this site for more inventions!

3. Create a spreadsheet with all the participating flight distances. Create an average, a median, a mean, and percentages on different flight distances.
4. Have your students write story problems based on the Wright Bros famous flight. For an example -- If on October 3rd, Orville Wright's flight was 34.5 seconds long and his brother was 9 seconds longer, how long was Wilbur Wright's flight?
5. Using your own data, compare other school's data to your own. Were your flights longer or shorter? By how much? Which school is your data closest to?? Farthest from??
6. Kitty Hawk is in North Carolina. Have your student's use Map Quest to find directions (and distance) from your school to Kitty Hawk, NC.
1. See if you can fly as far as the Wright Brothers by playing the Wright Bros 2003 online game. Make sure you have read up on your Wright Bros info before playing!
2. Have your students fly the planes. Then have them add a penny to the plane (to simulate the pilot) and fly the planes again. Compare and contrast the length of the tip. Try lighter and heavier weights as you wish. Thank you to Alain Dumontier in Canada for this idea!!
1. Have your students become either Orville or Wilbur Wright and write a story about what their day was like on December 17, 1903.
2. Have your students create a many words as they can from WRIGHT BROTHERS AEROPLANE.
3. Write a poem, a haiku, or a limerick based on the events at Kitty Hawk.