Welcome to "The Wright Stuff" online project.

This is a ONE-DAY project to take place on December 17th which is the 100th Anniversay of the Wright Bros. Flyer Flight!

Please click here for the directions your students will be using for the plane. The site is "The Simple Dart Airplane" and it is a simple pattern and usable with all ages!!

PLEASE use this airplane design ONLY!!

Students will be flying their airplanes TWICE and recording their longest flight on the provided template. You will need some sort of measuring tool to record their flights. (I suggest sticky notes and measuring tapes!)

Teachers will submit the results from the TWO longest flights only. (we are NOT doing the top boy and top girl) Flight distances need to be in FEET and INCHES and please round to the nearest inch.

(However, I encourage you to do activities with your students to gather averages, means, etc)

Results will be posted in graphical form to show the average of all flights submitted. We will also be posting the top flights per grade.

Please utilize the worksheets and activities which are provided to make this a day your students will remember!! If you have any ideas you would like to contribute, please email them to me. You will be given FULL credit!

You are invited to send in 3 photos (250x200dpi -- gif format) which will be added to our PhotoAlbum!

If you have any questions, please email me right away!