Welcome to the Where the Wild Things Went
Online Project 2009.

This project was open to all PreK - 6th grade classrooms worldwide.
The project dates were October 12 to October 30, 2009.
This project is NOW OVER!
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This project offers teachers 3 ideas to share with their students.

The first idea involves extending the story. "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. The book ends with the boy returning home to his bedroom....his dinner still hot. Your students are invited to write the next 10 sentences of this story. Perhaps they share about his dinner, what he told his parents about his experience, or even his return visit. OR, they might wish to write from the point of view of those who Max left behind.

The second idea involves learning about endangered animals. Students are invited to research one (or several) endangered animals and share what they learn about these animals with classrooms all around the world. Students are also encouraged to think of ways we can protect these animals and perhaps remove them from the "endangered" list.

The third idea involves verbs -- both present and past tense. Students will read the book "Where the Wild Things Are". They will first create a list of all the verbs which they found in the book. They then will recreate the story by adding in their own verbs. Students will then create a new drawing to illustrate their new verb choice.

Resources will include Worksheets, Standards, and Links for all the ideas.

You are also welcome to join our ning at
http://projectsbyjen.ning.com to expand the project!!

If at any time during the project you should have any questions, please contact me right away.

Registration is now closed for this project.
Project Dates: October 12 -
October 30, 2009


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