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Jen's Favorites

D.C. Ducks

A once in a life-time project when a duck laid her eggs near the treasury department in Washington, DC.   For 19 days we waited for the ducklings to be hatched.   Such great fun, such good learning, and we did a tie-in to "MAKE WAY FOR THE DUCKLINGS!"   Still one of my most favorite projects!

Shoeless & Bark

In honor of the 200th Anniversary of the journey of Lewis and Clark & the Corps of Discovery, I hosted a travel buddy project!   Participants received a box filled with ideas, books, videos, and more to use with their students to teach about the Lewis and Clark expedition.  Probably the most involved project hosted so far -- but also one of the best!

From Me To You

From Me to You was the first "snail mail" project centered around Valentine's Day.   It evolved into the current Holiday Card Project. 191 classrooms joined this project in 2007.   This project was one of the 1st for using Google Docs to manage a project! 

Picture It

2018 -- Artist:  Delaunay
2015 - Artist:  Student Quilt Squares
2014 - Artist:  Van Gogh
2013 - Artist:  Mondrian
2012 - Artist:  Monet



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