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Literature Projects Historical Projects  
Salute To Seuss --
Teachers and students created Online Showcases to highlight their favorite Dr. Seuss Books!! This project was nominated for the Edublog Best Wiki Award for 2007. We placed 3rd!
  Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln --
To honor Abraham Lincoln's 200th brithday, we created voicethreads, podcasts, & photo albums!
Shoesless and Bark 2005, S&B 2006 &, S&B 2012
We celebrated the 200th Anniversay of the Lewis and Clark expedition!
Charlotte's Web 2006 and 2012
Students around the USA and Canada (and their teachers) created ONLINE representations of the book, Charlotte's Web. We wikied, blogged, photoshared, webpaged, and more!
  The Wright Stuff -
Students around the USA learned about flight as we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers flight.
D.C. Ducks -
As Jennifer walked by the TV, she heard about a duck that had laid her eggs in front of the Treasury Department in Washington, DC. Within 2 days, 115 classrooms were participating in this ONCE IN A LIFETIME project!
Happy Birthday, Pomp! -
We expanded the Lewis and Clark project to celebrate the 1st birthday of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau', commonly known as "POMP!
The Incredible Journey --
3 beanie babies traveled the USA and Canada and helped students learn about their surroundings!
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs -- Classrooms were able to extend the book with 3 different activity ideas!! Candy & Cereral Projects
Alphabits 2004 -
Categorizing and Estimating Fun with a box for Alphabits
Where The Wild Things Went --
Animals, verbs, and continue the story activites made this project educationally fun!
Froot Loops 2006 &
Froot Loops 2003 -

Probably our MOST popular project
Happy Birthday, Green Eggs & Ham --
A wonderful time was had by all as we had a great time intertwining a classic favorite into our classrooms. Voicethreads, skype conversations, and more were created!!
Skittles 2002 -
We counted over 504,000 skittles and learned about graphing!
Startburst 2001 -
This project probably taught ME the most. (Like opening a starburst project BEFORE sponsoring a project -- they are packed equally!)
Seasonal Projects      
Gingerbread Man --
3 different opportunities for teachers to be creative using a holiday theme
  Picture It 2012 --
24 classrooms -- 1 unique piece of artwork! Very nice project. (Artist: Monet)
Room With A View --
Classrooms captured photographs throughout the school year through their windows.
  Picture It 2013 --
24 classrooms -- 1 unique piece of artwork! Very nice project. (Artist: Mondrian)
Scenes of the Season -
Holiday photos from all around the world as we learn to create a photo share.
  Shape of Things 2008 -
A fun project dealing with triangles, circles and squares.
From Me to You -
Mail project to celebrate Valentine's Week.
  The Places We Will Go -
Geography & Google Earth work well together as students learned measuring skills
Holiday Card Exchange:   Shark Bytes -
A team project with Susan Silverman as we learned all about sharks.

Holiday Card Exchange 2012 -
Our biggest project yet and the most communication and collaboration we have ever had. Over 30,000 Holiday Cards were exchanged!

Holiday Card Exchange 2011 -
We topped 1,000 classrooms and proved yet again how much fun postal mail can be!

Holiday Card Exchange 2010 -
Almost 1,000 classrooms this year and another great year of sharing HoHoHo-liday cards!!

Holiday Card Exchange 2009 --
With 800 classrooms worldwide, we had a joyous season of sharing cards!
Holiday Card Exchange 2008 --
Each year, this project just becomes more and more interesting!
Holiday Card Exchange 2007 --
We added Google Earth to this fun project!

Dear Friend -
Thousands of students came to the aid of victims of Katrina!
Dear Soldier -
USA students send letters of encouragment to our troops!

Everyone Counts -
Students around the USA learned about the upcoming 2010 census in a fun, creative way.


How Bout Them Apples -
We welcomed in a new school year with creative math ideas with apples!


Hands Around the World -
An international project sharing about your school, city, and state!


Weather Or Not -- Classrooms shared about their weather using the app "Kids Journal"


Look What I Did -- Teacher Project
Enjoy pictures from teachers of PBJ who shared their summer vacations with us.

Pumkin Seed Count  
Pumpkin Seed 2012 --
Another fun year of counting seeds -- and the addition of the Pinterest board helped with extending the project in many ways.
Pumpkin Seed 2011 --
Many classrooms extended this project to BUDDY UP with an older grade classroom. Very very good idea!
Pumpkin Seed 2010 --
We had a great time counting seeds, creating voice threads, and connecting with skype.
Pumpkin Seed 2009 --
246 Classrooms counted 106,935 pumpkin seeds!!
Pumpkin Seed 2008 --
257 Classrooms joined as we counted seeds and learning how to use Voice Thread.
Pumpkin Seed Count 2007 --
We counted over 74,000 seeds! WOW!
Pumpkin Seed Count 2006 -
PreK to 3rd grade project as we use a pumpkin to teach math!