Rearranging Yet Again

With only 7 weeks of school left — I wondered if it was appropriate to “flip” my classroom set up yet again.

But with putting in the new green picture window

7I decided that I probably needed to rearrange one more time to make that area safe.  (having students sit on a rolling cart might not be the smartest move — plus we had to keep moving the chairs, beanbags, rocker out of the way to use the window.)

So — I rearranged the room — one last time.

I completely moved one table outside – and opened up much more of the green wall for “videos”

2and moved the “cozy” area to the back of the room.

4I moved the table (which had been where cozy area is now) to under the picture window — which gave a more firm foundation for kids to sit on when taking pictures at the window.

1The rest of the room — I left pretty much the same — except swapped out the green woven baskets for the mice to more sturdy blue plastic bins.

5 6and kept my desk pretty much the same.

3I look forward to hearing the student comments when they come in on Monday.   It is always noticed when the room switches — some love it — others groan (you changed the room again?)

So — how often do you switch up your room?


Picture Window

I shall admit it willingly — I have become a “green screen junkie” —
I shall admit it willingly — until now, green had NEVER been my favorite color — but now, I am constantly on a quest for the “newest” green opportunity for my students.

Green screen that is.

I wander the aisles of the “cheap” stores in search of green — doilies, table clothes, cups, etc.
I ask Starbucks often for straws and plugs.  (the green plugs make excellent holders for stop motion stories)
I wander Hobby Lobby material aisle — looking for green ideas.It is a new obsession.

We have one LONG wall in our classroom painted green — but over Easter Break — I decided that it would be great to add a Picture Window on the other side of the room.   It had been a curtain covered white board that we never used — so wasted space equaled opportunity!!

My friendly handyman, Chris, came in — and painted and framed — and TADA — we now have a Green Picture Window — just waiting for opportunity.

Cost us nothing — we already had the paint and being a handyman, he had the wood available.   Took probably 4 hours to put together.  The paint is Valspar Luscious Green (valspar 6010-7)

I look forward to seeing how the students react to this — when they return tomorrow — and then how they will start inventing ways to use it.

We use the DOink Green Screen app for all our green screen work —

$2.99 and worth EVERY single penny!!!


Are You Leveling Up

I am addicted to games on the internet — right now, my favorite is Monster Breakers.    I can lose too many hours in a month playing the game — moving from level to level — within minutes.

Each level a new adventure, a new possibility, a new game plan, always something new.

And it got me to thinking —

how boring school must be for our students who are used to “leveling up” — often.

For them — change is not a surprise — it is an accepted expectation.
For them — change is not a worriment — it is a new conquer opportunity.
For them — change is not a hardship — it is just another step forward.

Yet, the typical school environment does not change.

Each day — they come to school, sit in the same seat, open the same books, look at similar powerpoints, glance at same bulletin boards, wait for same bells to ring, move to new class —- and begin again.

These students — who, when away from school, have changes and new opportunities presented to them at the touch of a button.

Yet, we plod on… we always have…..

offering them with the same old thing.

So when we will start leveling up??

Just my thoughts today


What A Difference A Day Makes

I am working on our scope and sequence for the computer lab — and I started wondering exactly how much time I have to help the students learn as much as they possibly can — in the short amount of time I have them.

I have my students 1 time a week — for 45 minutes.

Due to holidays, Star Testing, Once a Year Musical Practice, and camp — I end up, on average, having my students for 32 days.   Each class comes for 45 minutes — but, we have travel time from when I pick them up — to when we get to the lab.   Also, roll and prayer — so pretty much, I am down to 40 minutes.

So lets multiple 32 X 40 minutes — which equals out to 1,280 minutes.

(A 24 hour day has 1,440 minutes)

So — wow, I don’t even have my students for 1 day of their year.   My time with them equals into 1/365 of their year.

But but but — there is SO much they need to learn — so many things to do!!

Which makes is so overwhelming important — that I don’t waste a MOMENT of their time!
If I only have them for 1 day — overall

– I need to make it




Just where my thoughts are today….