A Note To My Participants

Hello Friends!

Another year of ProjectsByJen is winding down and as always, I want to say “THANK YOU” for so many things…..and to let you know future plans.

“THANK YOU” for reaching out and opening up doors to new learning opportunities for your students.

“THANK YOU” for not being the teacher who never tries something new!

“THANK YOU” for connecting with other classrooms via skype, hangouts, blogs, and shared slide shows.

“THANK YOU” for being flexible when projects went a little off kilter.

“THANK YOU” for enjoying creative chaos occasionally in your classroom.

“THANK YOU” for being involved in ProjectsByJen”.


A couple of things to share:
#1 — With GDPR being so much in the news — I wanted to share a few things about your data and ProjectsByJen.
A.  I make a conscious effort to never share your email out to anyone.
B.  I do use Google to collect data (registrations, etc) and REMIND to keep you in the loop of projects.
C.  I walked away from another site we were using for connections because I could not verify they protect your emails
D.  ProjectsByJen is self-hosted and the Project Weebly’s never ask for personal info.
SO — to sum up — I am doing my best to protect your personal data you might provide when you register for a project.

#2 — O.R.E.O. and Holiday Card Project will both return in the 2018/2019 school year.  O.R.E.O. in August/September and Holiday Card in December.   Our theme will be:  HOLIDAY TRADITIONS!
Not sure about the other 2 projects yet.   I am looking into a couple of possibilities — and will let you know when I know more!


I thank you again for being a part of Projects By Jen and I hope our paths cross again in 2018/2019.



I am an educator who LOVES bringing creative opportunities each day to my students.   Currently, I am working with a wonderful group of Kindergarten through 8th grade students at a Private Christian School in California.   Since 1999, I have been hosting online projects for elementary classrooms at ProjectsByJen.com.   I have won several awards for my projects – but those mean nothing compared to the smiles from students and the thanks from parents & teachers! I enjoy traveling to conferences and edcamps and sharing ways to bring JOY and CREATIVITY back into your classroom. Follow me on Twitter @JenWagner.   Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Sabian Puri says:

    WE Love your projects and THANK you for hosting these beautiful PROJECTS.

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