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Projects By Jen (http://projectsbyjen.com/)¬† helps you find projects which can be as simplistic or involved as you wish. Whether you wish the project to involve just one classroom period, use an entire school day, or stretch it out into a unit — you can make an Online Project work in your classroom.

If your teachers are wondering how to use bring creative ideas into their classroom, consider having Jennifer as a seminar leader.

She is enthusiastic and enjoys catering her seminars to meet the needs of your current staff. There will be no yawns during this seminar. Whether it is hands on or group participation, Jennifer is an experienced seminar leader who is comfortable inspiring small groups as well as large convention seminar sessions.
Please click HERE for a listing of past seminars where Jennifer has spoken.

Please contact Jennifer if you would like a request of references.
projectsbyjen  (at) gmail (dot) com)






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  1. Adela Garcia says:

    Adela Garcia
    I found your blog very interesting. The projects are amazing and age appropriate. As you I like to share my ideas with other educators. I believe that every day is a teaching experience and that there is always something new to learn. From visiting your blog I am taking with me two of your project ideas, the Pumpkin Seed and the Saint Patrick’s Day project. I am sure that my students will learn and will have so much fun by engaging in these activities. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and creative ideas.

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