Because Kristy Asked….

My pal — Kristy Vincent asked me to participate in a “sunshine award”

and since I kinda have been “blog neglectant”, I decided to post this.

Acknowledge the nominating blogger.

  • Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
  • List 11 bloggers. They should be bloggers you believe deserve some recognition and a little blogging love.
  • Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer and let all the bloggers know they have been nominated. ** You cannot nominate a blogger who has nominated you. **

Okay — so here are my 11 random facts:

11.  I love going to the movies — by myself.  (it is my escape)
10.  When I was 7, I went into my big sisters room (was not supposed to), picked up the book on her bed (was not supposed to), and sat down and read (from cover to cover) Little House in the Big Woods.  FIRST real book!!
9.  I do not like the colors green or orange.  But I do love TEAL.
8.  I am not a fan of flying but I do enjoy visiting — hence I fly.
7.  I stop everything to watch a past episode of CHEERS!
6.  I have been totally in love 4 times, but each guy did not feel the same, so I remain content and single.  (grins)
5.  I adore Adore ADORE snow!!
4.  When I am happy, I twirl!
3.  I am allergic to scallops.
2.  I interviewed William Windom in 1976 or 77 – when he was touring with My World and Welcome To It — I was in High School and had NO CLUE who he was.  When I found out (years later) he was in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, I cried and I still am sad that I missed such an opportunity to ask so many questions.
1.  A cup of cocoa, a single yellow rose, and holding hands — yep, my top 3 favorites!

Kristy’s Questions

  • Why did you start blogging? — it was kind of expected in early 2000’s that if you were online, you were blogging
  • Who was the first person you followed on Twitter?  @johnpederson
  • Why did you get into education?  I love working with kids and I love helping them learn — in creative ways.
  • If you could possess only one piece of hardware, what would it be?  a mac book pro
  • What was your very first tweet?  I am sitting in Blogger’s Café with Ryan Bretag
  • If education wasn’t an option in any form, what would you be instead?  a movie critic
  • What was/is your favorite lesson to teach in the classroom?  I love teaching graphing with skittles!
  • What tweet would you leave in a time capsule for 50 years from now?  The B.E.S.T. conversations I have had with the people who know THE MOST about TECH has never been about TECH. ~Jen Wagner  7/20/08
  • Favorite food?  warm banana bread
  • What is something someone special in your life considers odd about you? why do I drive a van
  • What is one thing you rarely/never share that you are exceptionally proud of?  That people look to me for ideas — it both startles me, yet touches my soul — and I do have a sense of pride.

11 Bloggers:

My Questions

1.  What was your first car?
2.  What was your degree in college?
3.  What is your middle name?
4.  If you could travel ANYWHERE — where would you go, and why?
5.  If you could go back to one SIGNIFICANT event in history — where you go, and why?
6.  What is the last book you read — for FUN?
7.  What is your favorite TV series?
8.  Who was your favorite elementary teacher?
9.  Who was your favorite secondary teacher?
10.  What is your favorite Rodgers & Hammerstein Musical?
11.  Do you sing in the shower?

So, smiles — this is for you, Kristy!!





  1. Lee says:

    Hey Jen,
    Thanks for including me. I just happened to see this when checking out your posts. You forgot the part about letting the bloggers know…. 🙂

    i haven’t blogged in such a long time, but I’m going to do this and maybe it will kick the pants off this blogger-block I’ve been having.

    Thanks! Merry Christmas!

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Isn’t it amazing how digital norms change so quickly! I miss the days when “people expected you to be a blogger!” I wish we could change that back… More people need to blog! Digital writing is good for so many reasons.

    Thanks for all the shares and starting this domino row a ‘fallin. 🙂

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