Beyond the Award…

I invite you to read each of the following blogposts about the recent Bammy Awards — and the comments that have been shared:



and then I invite you to take the time to either write a note, a tweet, etc — or pick up the phone & give a call to an educator who has made a difference in your life (in the past and recently.)  And I invite you to contact your local newspaper, news channel, etc…..and tell them about some great teachers you know.

Don’t let an awards ceremony dictate to us who is the best — the top 100 — or even those who have been “chosen” to have distinction.

You know who the educators are that you admire and need to thank
….so take the time to tell them that you appreciate them, as often as you can.

We don’t need award ceremonies to point out the best
…..we need to share that information out ourselves –





  1. Gail Lovely says:

    I honor your idea here, Jen. We need to honor what others do, formally and informally. We need to thank those who help us and help those who need us. We need to work harder at providing encouragement and appreciation to others in our field. We need to toot our own horns too. No “outsider” can provide us with better encouragement, acknowledgement, awards than we can provide to each other… I have sent a couple of emails to other educators today and hope others will do the same!

    Thank you Jen for the reminder.

  2. april says:

    Jen, Thanks for the suggested blogs and the suggestions you gave. It would be great to encourage and lift up our fellow educators that are making a difference around us. I may be biased, but I nominate you! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  3. TechyNana (Katie Warren) says:

    Wonderful post, as always, and great, thought-provoking links. I read all three of them. Since I didn’t attend them I won’t bash the Bammy Awards, but I sure agree with the three bloggers you share in this post.
    I’m sending this link to a few of the educators I admire. I only wish some of my own teachers were still here to receive it as well. Mrs. Mork, Sister Patrick, Mother/Sister Claude, Sister Martin (aka Corky), and others were so influential in my life. Maybe I am a teacher today because of them. They cared about me and who I was but, more importantly, about who I would become.
    I was “set up” for success. They gave me the foundation and the tools and it was up to me to make that happen.
    Here’s to my teachers both past and present!

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