Classroom Crib Challenge

I decided to share our Room-Makeover and also be a part of The Classroom Cribs Challenge

so — here is our summer makeover.

Last year — our lab looked like this:


and it worked for us.  4 Bulletin boards — 7 long tables for PC towers/monitors, a round table for the ipads, & teacher desk (not shown)

During the year — we modified it a bit:
Moved ipad table from round to kidney shaped and added an ipad area towards the back of the room and moved the iMacs from the left wall of the room to the back row on the right.

and since we wanted to utilize green screen — we made the best with what we had:
But — I wanted — we needed — to have a summer “make-over”.

So I began to dream — and threw out ideas to the students — and began to listen to their ideas — and then “flipped our lab”.

The first thing was to paint one wall totally green….so I asked for ideas from twitter and then we tested 3 suggestions:
and ended up with Valspar Luscious Green (valspar 6010-7)

Then Chris – a friend and handyman – came in and we started to move tables:
and we bought new chairs and placemats (to add color to room)

and the we started to paint and went from beige to green:


We also removed 2 bulletin boards and added 3 blue (blackout) curtains to cover white board and 2 windows.   I moved my desk to the front of the room, the macs to the side, and the ipad area to the back wall.  And we added 28 Dell laptops which are wireless — so cables are pretty much bye-bye.

And here — tada — is what our room looks like now:

The big tables are on coasters — so they can slide as necessary.  The chairs are light and stackable!  The laptops are not tethered to ANYTHING – so we can make groups/clusters as quick as we wish.  Still a work in progress — and it needs students.

But all in all — this is our summer “lab make-over” and I am pretty pleased.   And so far, all students who have wandered in (and parents too) have said “WOW”.




I am an educator who LOVES bringing creative opportunities each day to my students.   Currently, I am working with a wonderful group of Kindergarten through 6th grade students at a Private Christian School in California.   Since 1999, I have been hosting online projects for elementary classrooms at   I have won several awards for my projects – but those mean nothing compared to the smiles from students and the thanks from teachers! I enjoy traveling to conferences and edcamps and sharing ways to bring JOY and CREATIVITY back into your classroom. Follow me on Twitter @JenWagner.   Have a wonderful day!


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  1. April Estoch says:

    Awesome! I love it! The lab looks amazing. I need to come visit and see it in person. Great job!

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