Connecting But Not Committing

I woke up this morning — and noticed this blog post by Amanda (

and this blog post is written primarily as a response to

““why are things staying the same?”

I know that I am in the cheap seats of ISTE15 — sitting far away from Philadelphia — but through the power of voxer, twitter, google+, and periscope — it is almost like I am there ……

and yet, I know exactly what she is talking about.

And I believe that one of the reasons that things stay the same is that people are connecting — but they are not committing.

All the sessions that I was able to listen to — HackEd, IGNITE’s, KEYNOTE, & some this morning already — are still leader driven — to ignite thought — but not always to ignite action.

There is a question — often asked at the end — what will you do next?

— but then “thank you for coming, enjoy ISTE” and poof — everyone rushes off to the next event.

There is no time to formulate an action because everyone is moving on to the next thing.

I wonder what would happen if EVERY speaker at ISTE stopped 5 minutes before the session was over and said “turn to the person next to you, get their email address, share yours, and you both email each other your plan of action — and then you keep in touch — often, throughout the year.  You are now accountability partners.  Don’t let each other down.”

I wonder what would happen if EVERY speaker at ISTE stepped away from the microphone and let people share what THEY are doing and listen – and not use that time to plan a response but truly listen.

I wonder what would happen if REAL conversations took place with people sharing their successes — and their struggles — and people did not over talk each other….but listened, and pledged to work together.

I wonder what would happen if EVERY attendee at ISTE took the time to visit the POSTER sessions — where people are committed — and not only listened, but signed up to participate.

I wonder what would happen if EVERY person at ISTE and NOT AT ISTE would not just nod their head, but stood up and took action and said “this year will be different because I am going to……………………” and then do it.

I think things are still staying the same because it is easier to HOPE than it is TO DO.

Maybe this year will be different?   So, hopefully, next year we will talk about the things that are NOT the same.

Just my thoughts
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