Ending the Year — something new

Our computer lab is ending the year with several new opportunities!

6th Grade is working with the new Google Earth.
5th Grade will be creating iMovies!
4th Grade is working with Pages!
2nd Grade is making keynotes.
1st Grade is working with green screen.

and 3rd grade is learning how to make stop motion videos!

Last week — they each received a green sheet of paper — (for their green screen) and a paperdoll to cut out.  (looking a bit like a gingerbread man.)

We talked about how to use the ipad to take a picture — move the man — take another picture — move the man — etc etc etc.

It went really well — but with moving the man and holding the camera and taking a shot and then moving the man — and then holding the camera — etc……well it was a learning experiment — a bit of frustration mixed with a lot of “hey look at this.”

They understood the concept — but we needed to do better.   They needed some way to not have to move the camera.

So this week — out came our wood blocks to use as ipad holders and we purchased 5 Stikbot sets and 14 extra stikbots.

Each group worked in teams of 4 and they traded jobs — 3 had stikbots, 1 took the picture.  After 5 pictures, they rotated.

All in all — working with 8 year olds — it went relatively smooth.

I was surprised to see what they started to create and how they were using the stikbot boxes.

They started climbing the green wall — I would not have thought of that.
They started connecting the stikbots together at the sticky part — I would not have thought of that.
One group had their stikbots performing gymnastic routines — I would not have thought of that.
Often it seems my job is providing my kiddos with resources – give a wee bit of instruction – and get out of the way!

We are using the Minecraft stopmotion app — and we still need to figure out the best way to not have the background move.  And it looks like I might need to design and print some ipad holders to stabilize the ipads better….but all in all…..

so far — so good!



  1. DENnis Grice says:

    Things I love about stop motion animation:
    + Student Creativity – they come up with ideas we never would have thought of
    + Animations require a plan – those who know where they are going to do before they start, usually have the best results
    + animations are imperfectly perfect – the “try, fail, try again” creedo makes for a wonderfully fun learning experience. I love watching kids watch their animation for the first time.

    I also love that animation doesn’t have to be a massively huge project. I like to set up mini challenge projects. For example, you have 20 minutes to make an animation that shows the process of “erosion & deposition”. Here’s a box of various materials. Go! (Think: Iron Chef). The final products won’t be perfect, but they don’t have to be.

    • Kena L Pinedo says:

      My students would love this. I have never thought of having my students create a video in a short time and creating a challenge. Both ideas are new to me. It gets me thinking how I can use it in my classroom. Thanks!

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