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In the past — several times — my network and projects by jen — have come to the aid of those in need.   We adopted classrooms affected by Katrina and helped Barbara when she lost her home in the California fires.

So when I heard of the recent tornadoes in the Southern USA…..I blasted out an email to the members of Projects By Jen to make sure all were safe…..and started to hear back stories of people in need….and I knew we could help.

Mandee McDonald – @teachingmcd – ( — and I spoke yesterday (what a kindred spirit) and she has agreed to be our liaison in the Alabama area to reach out to teachers who need our help in that area.  (If you are a teacher in another area and would like to help be a liaison, please let me know as well.)

We have put together a wiki ( and have already received monetary donations as well as emails of “how I wish to help”.

I wanted to take the time to share 2 emails with you —
The First Comes from my good friend, Nancy G.
I am retiring at the end of this year. I have a lot of STUFF, especially books.
Distributing my books will be the hardest thing that I do. (I think some teachers are just ready to “pounce” on them.) I’m thinking that I would like to donate some of them to a school. ……
I was thinking of calling at least one of the local radio and/or TV stations to (1) challenge all retiring teachers to donate some of their materials
and to (2) find a community sponsor that would pay for the shipping

And another email from my friend, Michelle:
I will have a box of teacher books ready to send out on Monday – or should we hold off a bit to let them get situated?

I am not surprised at all by the quickness of help being offered……
but I admit it does make me tear up when I realize what an awesome group of people I have been lucky enough to meet up with.

If you wish to help out — please click HERE.   We will be updating the wiki often with pictures and progress reports.

Thank you



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