How can we get there…………

If we don’t know where we are going?

Over the last few months, I have become quite reflective on all that has transpired since 1999 when I officially became aware of this new opportunity — ie:  the computer and the doors it opens.

I jumped in with both feet and began to swim — learning as much as I could, sharing as much as I could….seeing how what was available through my fingertips could make a huge dent in how I had always taught and how I would teach from then on.

And I sat at the feet of many who know MUCH more than I….and soaked in their wisdom, their vision, their hopes, their suggestions….and then I shared that out as well.

So, needless to say — I sit in a bit of wonderment that we seem to not really have progressed that much.

And I wonder, I honestly wonder, is it because we don’t know where we are going?

Or more honestly — is it because we are going to too many places rather than focusing on one thing?

I have been reading a great deal lately about the times during the 1770’s and cannot help but compare now with then.

We have come together — as a group — to talk about possibilities… they did then.
Some of our leaders are self-appointed and some were chosen… was the same then.
We have different viewpoints, expectations, personalities… they did then.

But what I believe the fore-fathers had in common — that we do not — is they KNEW, without a shadow of a doubt what their reason was.   Their final hope, goal, everything they lived for, everything they fought for, was for FREEDOM.

It was the foundation of every decision, every stroke of the pen, every battle fought, ever word spoken.

And yes, they often got into their own personal tangents….which we do as well.
And yes, sometimes they had to lose a battle to win a war…..which we do as well.
And yes, sometimes they had to step aside their own wishes to accept the wishes of many others….which we do as well.

But again, what they had……what we need…..was a single vision.   That everything else points to.

And I don’t believe we have that.

Is it possible, in this time and space, for educators to come together and have ONE common goal?
Is it possible, in this time and space, for educators to put down their own agenda and come to an agreement that works for the betterment of all?
Is it possible, in this time and space, for educators — all educators (public, private, charter, home, etc) to unite as colleagues rather than continue to stand apart?

I think it is.

And once, we stop wandering on our separate little crusades and come together…..I believe we will see change.


This is just the first part of a continuing blog post as I continue to think through these ideas.
Anything you wish to add is greatly appreciated.


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