I Don’t Like Curves

I recently have moved to a new “apartment” and am discovering several new ways to drive to work.

The quickest way — however — is the scariest way…….

because it has curves.

And I don’t like curves.

I like to see WAY ahead to where I am going…..so I can plan ahead for anything that might be coming my way — and also to be alert on what I am approaching.

Curves scare me.

AND I also don’t like being pushed from behind from those who are NOT afraid of the curves and are comfortable in ignoring the 25 mph sign of warning.

But — it is the most time efficient way for me to get to work……so each day, I take a deep breath, hope I am not leading the pack, and go to conquer the curves.

And each day — the curves are a bit easier to handle.   I am getting familiar with the ones I need to brake on, and some which I can ease up on the gas a bit and just continue on.   The on-coming unknown traffic still has me a bit cautious….but I try to think less of what might hit me and I drive forward to my final destination.

The first day was terrifying — now, after almost 30 days…..a teeny weeny comfortableness is forming…..and within 6 months, I might just be a pro.

And …. as always ….

I turn the blog thoughts to teacher thoughts.

Changing the way they “host” their classroom — is a scary thing.  It is much more comfortable when you can see straight ahead to the known.  The familiar is the comfortable.  But sometimes we have to go for the curves.

Having someone push you from behind saying move faster, move faster….can be bothersome.  We want to move at our own pace, but sometimes that nudge from behind just might be what we need to get us to move just a teeny bit faster.

The first time is not always the hardest….sometimes it is the first 30 attempts that are the hardest.   But as you continue to try something new, familiarity will come and before you know it….something that seemed so “scary” or “uncomfortable” or “vague” suddenly makes much more sense and you realize you have succeeded at something was hindering your progress forward.

I Don’t Like Curves —
But I am learning to drive curves because I know it is the best way to get where I am going.

What is your curve in your classroom that you might be afraid of today?
I encourage you to take that first step to claim victory over it…..
And don’t worry if at first it does not feel comfortable…..
And do feel okay to go at your own pace (at first).
Just know…..those of us who have now reached the comfort zone will be pushing (ahhh, encouraging) you from behind.

Just my thoughts today

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