I Don’t Teach Technology

Many years ago — I heard Chris Lehmann say at a conference “we don’t teach subjects, we teach students” — small paraphrase on my part….AND it made a HUGE impact on me.

To the point — that I often hear myself saying it — blurting it — when someone introduces me as

…..someone who teaches computer —
No, I don’t teach inanimate objects
…..someone who teaches technology —
Oh, I teach much more than that.


I don’t teach coding — 
I assist students with adding and subtracting and angles and using the metric stystem and problem solving and if this/then what and cause/effect and patterning and creativity and teamwork and reading a grid and jotting down ideas and reading directions and writing directions….and more.

I don’t teach blogging –
I assist students with word choices and the power of the word and the power of a good comment and synonyms and antonyms and color choices and how to make a font stand out and citation of images and the power of an image and continuity and bravery (of pushing submit)….and more.

I don’t teach wordprocessing or spreadsheeting or presentations —
I assist students with knowing the best option to use to get the job done and addition and subtraction and formulas and text boxes and good font choices (and sometimes fun font choices) and getting your message across with a word and having your words agree with your visuals and the power of conversation and getting your point made and keeping your audience interested and engaged….and more.

I don’t teach video –
I assist students with sequencing and problem solving and creating timelines and looking forward and looking back and looking beyond the obvious and making something simple difficult and something difficult simple and how powerful music can be to share your story….and more.

I don’t teach robotics –
I assist students with being a good team player as well as a successful individual and higher level thinking skills and measurement and journalling and problem solving and troubleshooting and patience and planning and learning from mistakes and moving forward again and again and again….and more.

I don’t teach 3D printing –
I assist students with adding and subtracting and resizing and symmetry and coordinates and congruents and foundations and stability and how a solid becomes a liquid becomes a solid…and more.

I don’t teach digital citizenship –
I assist students with making good choices (regardless who is watching) and becoming skillful in finding information and discernment with that information and how to be kind and how to be honest but kind and how to protect themselves yet make themselves visible and knowing when to click OFF and what to do when they click ON….and more.

I don’t teach computers — 
I don’t teach technology — 

I teach my kids to see opportunities, embrace opportunities and then use those opportunities in a myriad of ways…..for their todays — and their tomorrows.

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  1. Elizabeth Aldave says:

    Jennifer, I found your article refreshing. It’s interesting how when we are introduced, we are introduced by the subject we teach but the truth is we don’t the subject, we teach students. “I don’t teach theatre arts,” I coach student how to use theatre arts in the classroom and how to apply the use of these skills to the world they live in outside of the school structure.
    Thank you,

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