I Nominate…..AL ROGERS

It is that time of year again — the EDUBLOG AWARDS are now before us……

and this year, I decided to speak up —


I have been very blessed to have met some remarkable people since I journeyed into the world of  ED TECH in 1996….some extremely gracious, helpful, encouraging, and inspiring people.   I would be remiss to also not mention the Classroom Connect Conferences and how they were the stepping stones for me to other conferences.   (I still have my 3 ring notebooks, yep, I do.)

I also need to say that I  know that there will be many other nominees for the LifeTime Achievement Award — but then I ask you to truly consider what LIFETIME means….. (you can read more of my thoughts by clicking HERE!)

So this year — I nominate AL ROGERS.

Now, if you don’t know Al Rogers…..you need to meet him.

Because he goes WAY BACK…..and for many, he is the foundation of MANY MANY opportunities of connections and collaborations.

I met Al via the Global School Net website.   I was in the 3rd year of the OREO project and really was looking for a place to “announce” my project and found Global School Net and the Project Registry which helps teachers connect:   http://www.globalschoolnet.org/gsnpr/.

But he goes back farther than that —

In the late 1970’s, after acquiring five of the earliest Commodore PET’s Al and a colleague were teaching 4th, 5th and 6th grade students within a school-based computer “mini-magnet.” By 1981 he had established a district-wide computer magnet program in a lab of 21 networked Apple IIe’s (with a 10MB hard disk!).

Jump forward a few years:   In 1985 he also wrote and launched the FrEdMail Network, a popular Apple IIe-based pre-internet telecommunications network to exchange student writing.

In 2005, in the 25th Anniversary issue of Teaching and Learning Magazine, the FrEdMail Network was recognized as one of the top fifteen “Breakthrough Products” of the previous 25 years (item #12).

Also, Al’s work was also influential among educators beginning to use the Internet in its early days. His “Harnessing the Power of the Web” CD-ROM was distributed as part of the Thinkquest Competition to over 500,000 teachers around the world.

And here are some of his awards:

  • 1999: At NECC ’99, the International Society for Technology in Education recognized Al as a NECC Pioneer… one of 20 distinguished educational leaders from all levels who have been pioneers and leaders in bringing educational technology to schools around the country.
  • 2001: Technology & Learning Magazine’s November article on the “Top 10 Technology Breakthroughs for Schools” cited Global SchoolNet as a leader in their breakthrough category #3 Collaboration Tools
  • 2001: District Administrator Magazine’s November article cited Al and Yvonne among their list of “Top 25 Technology Advocates”.
  • 1994: ISTE Distinguished Service Award for Contributions to Telecommunications in Education
  • 1991: Named one of ten “Educators of the Decade” by Electronic Learning magazine
  • 1991: CUE (California Computer-Using Educators) Platinum Disk Award
  • 1988 and 1986: Two CUE Gold Disk awards
  • 1987: Cover of Electronic Learning magazine in recognition of his free program FrEdWriter, once the most widely used word processor in the United States

To be honest, if you ask MANY who have been in “EDTECH” more than 10 years, they will say that Al Rogers was influential and encouraging and pivotal to where they are now.

Besides that — he is my friend.   (grins)

But don’t let that sway you in any way —

Just look at what he has done…….look at how many he has helped….look how many he is still helping……and really think — What Truly Is A Lifetime Achievement?

And then join me……and vote for Al when the nominations come out.

Al and I enjoying a chuckle at dinner while attending the ISTE Conference in San Diego, 2006.

 You can CLICK HERE to vote for Al.  Choose Lifetime Achievement in the drop down option, Al is the first name, click on the bubble, scroll down to the bottom to vote.  THANK YOU!



  1. Lori Abrahams says:

    Wow! I agree! I met Al many years ago too and participated in FREd mail and global school network too!!

  2. Al Rogers says:

    Jennifer, how nice it was to stumble across this nice
    Compliment. I’m enjoying retirement volunteering at
    church and my community.
    I’m as busy as ever but with different things.
    Hope you’re doing well

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