If Everything is Amazing — Where do we go from there?

Perhaps it is just me —

but I have been thinking quite carefully lately about the words I use…..and the power they carry with them, the message they carry with them, the legacy perhaps they leave.

And I realize, I have been very sloppy with my word choice.

If I say something I do is amazing and showcase this to a teacher who I might be working with on just learning a new opportunity or concept — what have I just stated, what challenge have I just offered??
If I say something you do is excellent — and then say something someone else does is excellent — and then again say something someone else does is excellent — is that truly possible, feasible, even truthful??
If I say that was the best keynote I have every heard — does that diminish all the rest of the keynotes I have heard  in their effectiveness, and will every keynote from then on be a disappointment?

I think the problem here are “adjectives”.

I appreciate a direct message I received from Jon Orech today that basically echoes my current thoughts regarding the fact that we need to stop using adjectives and start using action words.

For me — first of all — I need to start working on accuracy rather than gushing.
For me — second of all — I need to set my bar higher for what is truly excellent, amazing, and superb.
For me — third of all — I need to stop thinking that perhaps I am doing better than I actually am and stop toting myself and let others assign “adjectives” to what I do.

I want to work on being a person of action — not adjectives.

I want to work on “helping” and “encouraging” and “showcasing” and “promoting” and “learning” and “working” and “continuing” and “progressing” and “growing”.

I need to stop pointing out the excellent (which is probably not accurate)  and start recognizing the good (which is truly much more accurate and realistic).

And constantly keeping  in mind that if so much is amazing, truly where would we go from there?

Just my thoughts.


  1. Lori June says:

    Ugh, I know exactly what you mean. I’m an elem school librarian who has been writing promos for our upcoming book fair, and in my eagerness to whip up enthusiasm among students and parents I found myself actually typing the phrase “the most amazing collection of children’s books you’ve ever seen!”

    I believe that when we share resources with one another we have an obligation to also share a thoughtful evaluation of them, but we don’t need to oversell them with hyperbole. After all, if what I really need is a hammer, I’m never going to think that screwdriver you’re offering me is all that great.

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