If it is Wednesday, Then It Is DENsday

A few months ago, I impulsively applied to be a DEN GURU.  — truly was impulsive.   I put together the training presentation I was to do, rewrote it the day before, and shared.   And I was chosen as one of the 5 Guru’s for this year.   Now, before you get too excited….I am not overly thrilled with the term guru — but I do like what Discovery Education does — especially the free resources they so generously offer…..so I will shrug off that name and just re-label myself as an ambassador.

But then I lost my momentum — not sure why — but everything in my life, except for O.R.E.O. and GTW got pushed to the back burner.  In fact, I seriously contemplated calling Steve Dembo and asking to be relinquished of my DEN “guru-ness”.   But to be honest….my friendship and loyalty to Steve and the awkwardness I would be possibly creating from now on at any event that our paths crossed — and also (in the end) my desire to help others won out.

And I decided that Wednesdays would become DENSday.  No matter how busy my life became, Wednesday would be the day that I spent discovering Discovery and then sharing out these thoughts.

So — every Wednesday — from now on, I will be posting here:  Thoughts From Jen About Den.

I will be showcasing resources I am finding for Discovery Education members but also highlighting all the free resources they have available as well.

It took me a bit of time to get the ball rolling on this one……but my momentum is now getting started and I will be enjoying showing you some new ideas to use in your classroom.

So feel free to join me there…..or here…..since I probably will be cross-posting.

See you soon



  1. Andrea says:

    I absolutely love your stuff and have been a part of several projects and will be doing more of course 🙂 this blog, however, does make me kind of sad. I had a friend that made it to the finalists of DEN guru and has been doing, participating, and promoting DEN for years. She was not chosen as one of the final gurus. As we teach our students to only take on task that they are ready to committed to and the importance of delegating and scheduling…. I think this blog is a perfect example. I think you are AMAZING in all that you have offered teachers and all that you continue to do. The task of GURU is important and was a privilege to earn.

  2. Chad Lehman says:

    I’m excited about your learning. I can’t wait to follow along.

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