Jen’s New Favorite Thing


Every so often something flashes by through email or twitter – and I take note, but file it to the back-burner for a while until there is time to play.

Which is exactly what I did with Pinterest…….and NOW, I have to share it with you.

Picture it as your Refrigerator Door.   Where you keep all your notices, family pictures, reminders, etc.   A snapshot of your life – if I might be so bold.

And that is what Pinterest is – a snapshot of your “Web” life.

(You need to be invited to join – so if you want, drop me an email and I will pass out invites until mine are gone!)

You need to create an account to be able to use Pinterest and it will walk you through all the options ONCE you are logged on.

I do SUGGEST that you attach the pinterest toolbar icon to your browser toolbar (just drag and drop) and I do SUGGEST that you DO NOT let Pinterest post every time you “Pin” an item…..(you can toggle this option off – but you have to do it each time!)

Before I continue – let me show you a few options of what you can do with Pinterest.

Here is my project board:
Here is an example of school ideas:
Here is an example of teaching ideas:

Now you have seen some boards – this is how it works.

As you journey through the web, you might see am IMAGE that sparks your interest.   You click on the little icon on your toolbar and up pops a window with ALL the images pinterest has found on that page.   As you hover over each image, the word PIN will appear… on the image you with to “pin”, add it to your board, and write up a tiny description and tada – you are done.   (and pinterest automatically puts a link at the bottom of the image so you can remember where you found it!)

You can make different boards with different topics…..and you also can wander through other people’s boards to get ideas OR repin their images to your boards as well.

It can become a bit addicting but also a great option for saving and sharing resources.  You can also use it for your students to use as weblinks to sites you wish them to check out or to use for projects/bookreports/papers/etc.

One other nice aspect is that you can comment on “pins” or like them.   If you visit:  you will see that 7 people repined James and the Giant Peach.  If I click on that pin, I will see who repined it and I can go visit their boards as well.

It becomes a very easy way of sharing information and you can either keep your boards secure (where only you can add pins) or you can open it up for others.

It is a keeper and I hope you enjoy the options.   And if you make a board, please share it with me!!

(This TechTip was included in the January 2012 edition of the Projects By Jen newsletter!)


  1. Jill Fisch says:


    Pinterest is my new favorite thing, too. As you know, I took a break from all things tech due to a couple of recent family issues. When I returned, I took look at a Pinterest account that someone convinced me to set up but I never used. What finally got me interested in Pinterest was this page:

    It was yet another list of iPad apps but this time the visual aspect of it really appealed to me. I have many lists of apps but I never take the time to sort through them and I finally figured out that they just weren’t appealing to me when they were just lists of words. The pictures really piqued my interest.

    Now, I am rather addicted to Pinterest. I use it for both personal and professional reasons. My favorite way to use it is to create boards of picture books that I use when teaching genre studies in writing. I love being able to see the covers of the books I use. It helps me to remember the book and why I like to use it. The best part, though, is that I have linked to my public library’s page for that book so with just a click or two, I can place the book on hold. No more searching the library site and no more forgetting to use my favorite book when teaching each unit. I still have a couple of more picture book boards to create but I enjoy doing it so finding time shouldn’t be too hard.

    I have been trying to find time to write my own blog post about this, too. (Maybe I just did) 🙂

  2. Jill Fisch says:

    Oops, I forgot to give you the link to my Picture Book boards. It is:

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