Keynote Reflections

I can vividly remember Steve Dembo walking up to me, as I was chatting with Pernille Ripp and Diana Laufenberg at ICE in February and asking if he could chat with me for a few minutes about business.

I can vividly remember Steve talking to me about the Virtual Conference in April and finally realizing he invited me to be the closing keynote.

I can vividly remember working on my presentation for the next two months.

But — smiles, the entire keynote presentation on April 20th from noon to 1 PM (California time) is a blur.

Luckily I had a lot of friends who had listened in — and gave critiques later….and grins — there is a video recording (sighs) —   🙂

But I still am rolling it around in my head.

I had 3 goals in mind.

#1 — I wanted to be Jen.
I had a script – but I did not wish to be scripted.  I knew my content and had the words nearby just in case I got flustered or started to “squirrel”.

#2 — I wanted to remind educators in the room NOT to lose connections with other educators on their campus.
This was so important to me — they need us, we need them….and labeling them unapproachable does harm for both parties.

#3 — I wanted to encourage others to try new things.
Hmmm — I am not sure if I shared anything “BRAND” new to the group I was presenting to.   The extension ideas for Mystery Skype seemed to go over well as well as the Google Doc of Connecting Opportunities — where over 80 teachers are saying “Yes, I want to Connect”!!

So, all in all — I think I met my personal goals.

What I would do next time —
a.  Not give unnecessary information
…..smiles, the reason I don’t participate in #CAEDCHAT on Sunday nights is that I am with friends and we watch Amazing Race.   I have rule that when I am with friends, all devices are off — so that is why I do not participate in #CAEDCHAT — but smiles, that will change in 5 or 6 weeks when Amazing Race is over — (but I did not need to mention Amazing Race in my session)

b.  Have another computer to watch the chat.
I had asked my pal, Dennis Grice, to come and help with the keynote and he watched the chat.  In hindsight, I am sad I was not watching the chat — and next time, I think I need to be able to present & be conscious of the back-channel.
PS:   If you liked the look of the prezi — BIG THANKS to Dennis who tinkered with it that morning and made it look so so nice.

c.  Have more qualitative data.   
I can tell you with 100% certainty how important it is to connect with your fellow teachers & staff.  I can assure you that We (many of us) are building a huge chasm between us (the tech users) and them (the non) — which is harming our students.   I can promise you that relationship and working together WILL make a difference on our campuses…
But I need to back that up with proven statistics rather than just my personal thoughts.

I would love to hear your thoughts — if you were listening in on Saturday.
And if you were not a part — but might want to see what it was all about — here is the link to EVERYTHING!

Also, I forgot to mention in the keynote but included in the presentation notes are links to 16 blog posts which were influential in my growing of this keynote!   ENJOY!


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  1. Lori says:

    I couldn’t be there live, but have spent time today looking at your resources! I can’t imagine the actual keynote was anything but fantastic! I will try to listen to the archive soon! I’m confident many learned new ideas and will continue to connect and share!

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