Lifetime — Hmmm, I think not

Due to my own actions, I have labeled myself as a curmudgeon regarding the edublog awards….which I really am not —

I just really don’t like what it boils down to…..already this morning there are posts on “vote for me, vote for me”….and though some very generous and humble…..(well, some appearing to be humble), I personally don’t like what this ends up being……”a who can get the most votes” versus what really might be deserving of the best.

I do like reading through all the nominees and add many to my RSS feed and my twitter following — but all in all…….nah, it just is not my cup of tea.

BUT — I do have to say out loud with my fingers — my thoughts on the Lifetime Achievement Nominees……and I will preface it with “shame on me for not writing a blog post of nominations” because now I am just a sofa quarterback……

I will also preface the following comments with the fact that the list is filled with people with very good achievements but LIFETIME, hmmm, for everyone on the list??  …. I think not.

Lifetime to me equals longevity — which to me means more than 5 years of doing this EdTech stuff.   I do question myself to wonder if I believe that QUANTITY has to outweigh QUALITY?   Because I do know a lot can happen in a short period of time…..but then that would be the ACHIEVEMENT award — not the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT.

But then I look at our network — and realize that, for many, their lifetime experience with edtech is less than 5 years… many of those names on the list DO make sense.   For many people voting, they have not seen the longevity of so many people who do deserve to be recognized for “LIFETIME” achievement.  To many, their vision of who and what has contributed to Ed-Tech is 5 years or less.

They don’t know the achievements of……
People like:
Al Rogers:  Who in 1985 was heading up FReDmail and co-founded GlobalSchoolNet in 1990 and in 1991, he was recognized as one of ten “Educators of the Decade”

Tammy Worcester and Gail Lovely and Leslie Fisher:
Who all have been working to help teachers be the best they can be for more than 20 years.
Many MANY of us in the elementary edtech world have a debt of gratitude to give to Tammy and Gail — and the hours of learning and exploring opportunities with Leslie is tremendous.

And what about Kathy Schrock and Barbara Bray and Bernie Dodge and Roger Wagner??  And I could go on — with several other names.  (feel free to add names of people you feel are “lifetimers” in the comment area.)

Many of us would not be where we are now — if these “Lifetimers” had not started sharing out so many many years ago…..and are still going strong today.

There is a quote from the West Wing — Season 7 — where President Matt Santos offers CJ a job.   He tells her “Institutional Memory is a valuable asset”…….which I think is something we just might be overlooking as we gaze at the lifetime achievement nominees.

IN NO WAY am I dismissing the achievements of ANY name on that list……I applaud every single one of them and say THANK YOU for giving so generously of your time and talents…..

but when we add the word LIFETIME……I think (sadly) we overlooked some names that should have been on that list.

Just my thoughts


  1. MediaFlo says:

    So well said and I agree… names to add that have been my mentors in the past “lifetime” …David Pogue; Rita Oates, Bernajean Porter, Pete McKay, David Wagner, …..and you!

  2. Jen – Great post! Just giving a huge second on the Kathy Schrock mention! More than 15 years ago, her site was such a great resource when I was a new teacher!

  3. Jen, Thanks for including me on your “list”…means a lot to me! 🙂

  4. Sandy Huling says:

    Jen, you are right on it, as always. So many of those whom you have named have been here and been “visionaries and explorers” when others were afraid to venture forth. People like Kathy and Gail and Susan Silverman, and a certain teacher named Jen, are the people whom I have always counted on to bring technology and the learning of children together. They see the big picture and the possibilities to make lifelong learners of all. These are the “lifetime” people in my view.

  5. Lee says:

    Just now getting to this in my reader, so I’m sorry to be late to the party. I completely agree with you here. I was nominated in this category of Lifetime Achievement. Although extremely honored, I agree that I do not qualify. If I had won, I’m sure I would have been embarrassed considering the other nominees who were much more deserving. The folks you recommend are ALL very worthy of that award and should be nominated next year.

    Here’s my take on these awards:


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