Needs to be said……

As I look forward to 2019 — I don’t know what my future holds — but I know WHO holds my future and I rest calmly in that.

Am I apprehensive??
— I am….I have never had surgery before and though I am usually very optimistic….I am apprehensive….but I am surrounded by so many friends — both nearby and online…that support, love, and are praying for me…….plus I have a mighty mighty God… I rest.

But — also — when things like Stage 4 slap you in the face… do realize that you might need to “tidy” things up a bit.  I’ve written the will, I have named my beneficiaries, shared out banking info/logins to a good friend, etc…..I’m not planning to go anywhere soon — but still doing some tidying up.

However, that’s not what this blog is about —

This is my blog post to say “THANK YOU”…..

First and foremost, I want to say THANK YOU to all the teachers who invited me into their classrooms with my project ideas, with ideas I shared at conferences, with blog posts, and other ways I shared out info.  Thank you for trusting my ideas with your students.  Thank you for not being the “ordinary” teacher but instead being the “extraordinary” teacher by adding a little “extra” to your lesson plans.

Secondly, I want to say THANK YOU to all the conferences and edcamps and EdTechTalk that offered me a chance to share.   When you have an idea that is validated by the invitation to share with many — that is both uplifting and edifying.  Those who gave me a voice to share — you gave a boost to my step and a  hope to my dreams for edtech.

Thirdly, I want to say THANK YOU to all my ed-tech friends who invited me into your homes, to your tables, and to your conversations.  I have MANY MANY fond memories of very good times with very wonderful people.   If you picked me up or dropped me off at the airport — THANK YOU.  If you lent me a bed, a couch, a pillow to sleep on….THANK YOU.  If we went out to dinner and laughed and chatted — THANK YOU.   If we went exploring local areas together — THANK YOU.   If you co-shared with me in a chat or a session or a podcast — THANK YOU.
On a side note …. to my second life friends — though it was virtual ….the fun we had, the conversations we had, the exploring we had….. Priceless, memorable, fantastic!

Also, I wanted to say THANK YOU to those I follow on twitter and blogs.  THANK YOU for help make me a better teacher by sharing your ideas.  THANK YOU for helping me look beyond my length of vision.  THANK YOU for pushing me when I wanted to do simple for my kids.  THANK YOU for opening doors — and help closing doors — when necessary.  THANK YOU for your willingness to help others be better.

And, I also wanted to say THANK YOU to anyone who donated to my gofundme account — — it means so much to me that you support me as I fight this batter and walk this new journey.

AND FINALLY, I need…I must… say THANK YOU to everyone and anyone who is praying for me, sending kinds thoughts, texts, comments, phone calls, etc.    This last week of my life — regardless of the news I received — has truly been one of the nicest weeks of my life.  I felt love, appreciated, supported, and cared for.   And what is interesting is that MANY MANY I have never even met Face To Face yet you are willing to be alongside with me.

Take this as a thank you for the road we already have wandered together……
And I look forward to seeing you in  2019.



  1. Lori Abrahams says:

    Wishing you an easy recovery and a very happy and healthy 2019!

  2. Dr. KB says:

    If it is at all possible, a dear update on you would be valued.

  3. Beth Diaz says:

    God bless you , Jen! I loved the Holiday Card Project and my second graders at participated every year! I must admit I am a little bit of a Scrooge about Christmas, but the Holiday Card Exchange put all of us in the Christmas spirit every year! YOU have been a blessing to so many teachers and students across the world, and I will be praying for you for healing and recovery. With a virtual hug and many thanks,
    Beth Diaz

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