Not At Iste 14

It all started on Sunday, June 15th…..sitting around, beginning to get a bit “misty-eyed” seeing all the tweets about “getting ready for ISTE……

and I thought back to last year, when my buddy Dennis Grice hosted the #NOTATISTE13 group — and I thought “well, since Dennis will BE AT ISTE this year, maybe I should continue what he started.”

So, without really much thought — I created a google form where people could join the group — posted it to twitter and expected maybe 20 people or so to join.

RIGHT NOW — we are at 266!
and what an interesting few weeks it has been since that first “google form.”

Our community on Google Plus became very active and our #NOTATISTE14 hashtag was beginning to fill-up my twitter page —

so, I also then created a twitter @notatiste account (so my @jenwagner friends would not get bombarded with #NOTATISTE14 overflowing of tweets)


With the help of Vicky Sedgwick, badges for the conference were created and then ribbons began to appear.


A Voxer group began (but I cannot seem to get Voxer to work so someone else can tell that story).

We also had a #NOTATISTE14 challenge – and a Google Presentation to introduce yourself to others – .

Pictures began to appear of where we were when we were #NOTATISTE14.  Links of family, friends, and events began to appear as well.

And our community began to grow — not only though in numbers — but in friendship and comradery.

We all are learning new things – pushing each other with new opportunities — and sharing sharing sharing.

We have 2 more days of #NOTATISTE14 — so right now, the snowball of opportunities has just begun.

And  because of #NOTATISTE14 — I also got to see this:  (3 of my favorite people in 1 picture)


I have no idea WHAT will happen in the next 48 hours — but so far, I am just jumping with joy!!

THANK YOU all for your enthusiasm.
This has been great fun!





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