Olympic Robot Week — Preparation

I am a fan of the Olympics.    More so of summer olympics, but nevertheless, a fan!

Our computer lab has been busy this past year — coding, 3D printing, lots of apps, lots of learning…..and we really have not had a chance to bring out the robots yet.

SO — about 2 weeks ago, I had a “whim” to bring Robot Olympics to the lab!    Sure this will work.    (hmmmm, we shall see)

Our robot collection consists of a Dash, a Cue, 3 ozobots, and 2 spheros.  And we have 30 ipads!

The wheels of opportunity began to turn.   And with that, also the acknowledgement that what might work for one grade might not for another and what about keeping the robots charged for 3 hours.

So — as of this moment — here is the plan.    And I will follow this post with a “what actually happened” next week.  The main objectives for this week will be teamwork, problem solving, some coding, and hopefully some laughter!

For the DASH/CUE robot — there will be 2 options.
(this will be our CURLING event)

  1.  For the younger grades — I have set up 5 bullseyes on the floor and the students will free drive the dash/cue to stop on each bullesye.   (for the bit older — they will use Blockly to program to get to the bulleyes)
  2. For the older grades — they will be using the DASH plow to gather ping pong balls to get to the bulleyes.

For the SPHEROS —
(this will be our SKI SLALOM event)

  1.  I have set up a slalom course and they will be driving the robots through the course.   For younger, they will free drive, for older — they will have to code out the course

For the OZOBOTS —
(this will be our Ice Dancing event)

  1. Students will draw a dance that their ozobot will follow.  Students will use the ipad camera to video their dance when complete.

All the robots have been checked to make sure their firmware is up to date — and all are charging.

All should go well — but I am sure flexibility is going to be the “word” of the week!

Directions for students are printed out — ipads have been checked for app updates — markers/cardstock for ozobots is ready — cones and pingpong balls collected……

all I need are the kiddos!


PS:   Kinda cute — when I told the students last week that we were going to be having Winter Olympic Robotics in the lab, one precious 2nd grader asked where was I going to put the ice!    Gotta love their belief that ANYTHING can happen in the lab!



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